Katie Price invited to speak at Oxford Union

Jul 28, 2011
Sophie Taylor

Former topless model turned best-selling novelist sets her sights on Oxford

The former Page Three girl-turned publishing phenomenon Katie Price is apparently setting her sights on the dreaming spires of Oxford. Price, formerly known as topless model Jordan, has reportedly been asked to speak at the world's most famous debating society, the Oxford Union.
According to the Daily Telegraph, Price is keen to accept the offer to address the historic society, provided a date can be found in her busy schedule. Jordan is currently on a book signing tour for her latest 'bonkbuster' The Comeback Girl.
If true, the invitation will see Price join an illustrious roll call of former presidents and other international figures who have addressed the Oxford Union in its 200-year history, among them Sir Winston Churchill, Ronald Reagan, Mother Teresa and the Dalai Lama.
However, the Oxford Union – which was once described by Harold MacMillan as "the last bastion of free speech" – also has a reputation for inviting controversial figures into its chambers. They include televangelist Jerry Falwell, former drugs smuggler Howard Marks and singer Michael Jackson. Most notoriously, the Holocaust-denying historian David Irving was allowed to speak at a Union debate in 2007, after an invitation was withdrawn in 2001.
It should be noted that Price, who yesterday failed in her bid to set a new world record for signing books, will not be the first glamour model to speak at the Oxford Union. In 2008 her former Page Three rival Jodie Marsh took part in a celebrity debate while last year Pamela Anderson spoke to the society about animal rights.

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