Putin Army urges Russian girls to strip off for PM

As presidential election nears, ambitious MP offers prizes to girls who’ll tear their clothes off for Putin (with video)

LAST UPDATED AT 11:55 ON Mon 18 Jul 2011

Kremlinologists looking for a clue as to whether Russian prime minister Vladimir Putin will attempt to regain the presidency in next year's election have enjoyed some light relief in recent days courtesy of Kirill Schitov, an ambitious young MP with the ruling United Russia party.

Schitov posted a video on his site entitled 'Tear for Putin!' The video (above) appears to be an attempt by Putin's supporters to harness the power of social media to persuade young, beautiful Russian women to support the 'Putin Army' by stripping.

Putin, who ruled Russia between 2000-2008, was forced to quit by a law limiting presidents to two consecutive terms. The presumption that he will attempt to return to the presidency in the March 2012 election has cast a long shadow over the rule of his successor, Dmitry Medvedev.

The video opens with a sexy young woman walking along to a hard techno soundtrack, while the camera zooms in on her cleavage and her iPhone. The woman, it transpires, is called Diana, according to a translation by a Global Post blogger. "I'm a student," she reveals. "I'm crazy about a person who changed the life of our country. He's a capable politician. He's a chic man. He's Vladimir Putin."

Diana is on her way to meet her friends by the river - one of whom is wearing a sexy negligée, while the other plays with an iPad - before putting on a vest, squeezing her breasts and tearing it off.

The point of the video is to announce a competition in which entrants tear something for the prime minister. Of course, the implication is that girls ought to tear their clothes off.

The prize for the most original entry is an Apple iPad 2. As the Global Post blogger points out, though, there is nothing original about stripping off to support Putin. Last year a group of Russian journalism students posed for a racy calendar, their birthday gift to Putin. · 

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