Prince William and the LA plastic surgeon

Jul 7, 2011
Sophie Taylor

Dr Mayer was ready to give first aid – until the polo club hit the story off the field

Has Prince William recruited a plastic surgeon to be in attendance in case he injures himself in a charity polo match in California tomorrow – or hasn't he? The LA Times reported that cosmetic surgeon-to-the-stars, Dr Toby Mayer, had been asked "by Buckingham Palace" to be on hand to administer a quick nose job or whatever first aid the prince might require. Now the story appears to have fallen flat.
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are heading to Santa Barbara for the July 9 event after years of negotiation by the Santa Barbara Polo and Racquet Club, which first approached Prince Charles with the idea he should lend them a young prince in 2009.
Dr Toby Mayer told the paper: "I'm very happy [to help]," adding that he wouldn't be nervous because "my practice is a celebrity practice, so I've done facelifts and more complex things on very, very famous people".
Unfortunately, Mayer seems either to be un-fazed by telling porkies to journalists in order to secure publicity, or the victim of a misunderstanding. A spokesperson for the polo club, Geannie Sheller, later told the Times: "Toby Mayer is not associated with the event. That is an absolute fact.
"Dr Mayer is a member of the Santa Barbara Polo Club, but this is a private charity event. It is not a polo club event."

The match is indeed a charity benefit - for a newly-created US branch of William and Harry’s charity, dubbed the American Friends of the Foundation of Prince William and Prince Harry. Guests can pay £60,000 to play in the polo match, £2,500 to attend a lunch or just £250 to eat a sandwich and "glimpse" the Prince across a polo field.
It's sponsored by Tiffany and Audi. As a result of which Wills and Kate will be ferried around the polo club in an Audi A8.

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