Tulisa admits sex tape was genuine

Mar 22, 2012

Red top tales: X Factor judge confesses, while Russell Brand pays up

THE X FACTOR judge Tulisa Contostavlos, 23, has admitted that she was in a sex tape that is circulating online, the Daily Mirror reports. Two days ago the former N Dubz singer issued an injunction preventing anyone from describing the seven-minute film which appeared on a pay to download website. Last night, she posted a video to YouTube apologising to her "fans" for any offence she had caused, said she felt "victimised" and was "devastated, heartbroken, been in bits for the last few days". She also admitted that the footage does show her and ex-boyfriend, Justin Edwards, also known as DJ Ultra, "in an intimate moment". Tulisa continued that she had known about the tape for six months. She was uncertain whether Edwards’s motives were to "make money or to ruin my career".

BRITISH comedian Russell Brand withdrew $600 from a cashpoint in LA and gave it to a tramp, the Daily Star reports. According to a "pal" of the comic, 36, "Russ was feeling a bit bad" about the recent incident where he threw a paparazzo’s iPhone through a window so he "decided to do something charitable". After meeting a homeless man on Hollywood Boulevard, Brand handed over wads of cash and told him to "spend it wisely".

A 40-YEAR-OLD carer says her secret "lover" is a 3ft statue of the Greek god of desire, Adonis. According to The Sun, Reighner Deleighnie, of South London, spends every day with the £395 marble moulding and watches TV and reads with him. "I can honestly say I’m in love with him," she says. "He is my boyfriend and more." Reighner, who has an obsession known as "objectum sexuality", calls her statue Hans "because the Pointer Sisters hit Slowhand was playing in her cab the day she brought him home". Says Deleighnie: "Being in a relationship with Hans has changed my life."

MARIE OSMOND laughed so much at a recent live performance with brother Donny that she left a "noticeable puddle" on the stage, the Daily Mail reports. The Mormon pop idols were performing on the 'Donny & Marie Cruise', which transports fans from Florida to the Bahamas, when the incident happened. "She lost it," Donny explains. "Then I lost it, and finally she peed her pants." The showbiz veteran and mother-of-eight, now 52, attempted to mop up the puddle with her dress before stage hands appeared with a towel.

SINGER Whitney Houston was planning to remarry her ex-husband, The
Sun reports. The claim comes from Derrick Handspike, a friend of the couple, who says they had reunited just weeks before her death and were hatching plans for a reunion. "They were planning a small wedding with just daughter Krissie," reckons Handspike. Brown, who was married to Houston for 14 years, has been widely blamed for her dependency on drugs.

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what does she think appearing in sex tape term "slapper" comes to mind

Having a bit of fun with the one you love (at that time) is hardly grounds to call someone a slapper.

 At the time I had a lot of fun withe the one's I've loved but many were slappers

New series of BGT and a 6 month old sex tape scandal hitting the headlines at just the right time. Umm i wonder if by any chance they are related.