Big Brother Brian sues ITV2 for 'stealing' Towie idea

Mar 28, 2012

Red top tales: BB winner Belo says Essex show was his idea, 3D nude scene 'terrible' for Kate

BIG BROTHER winner Brian Belo is suing ITV2 and production company Lime Pictures claiming they stole his idea for hit reality show The Only Way Is Essex. Belo, who won the 2007 series of Big Brother, wants Towie taken off air until he is paid up to £4m for coming up with the idea and lodged a writ at the High Court earlier this month. According to The Sun, Belo claims ITV2 and Lime Pictures "ripped off the concept for his show Totally Essex... The format — which was created by Brian and co-claimants Sassy Films and Massive TV — had the same premise as Towie and a taster clip even featured Mark Wright, Kirk Norcross and Amy Childs".

Kate Winslet attended last night’s London premiere of the newly released 3D version of James Cameron’s  Titanic - but did she stay in her seat for the scene where she appears stark naked? Probably not. Before the curtain went up, the Oscar-winning actress told the Evening Standard it would be "terrible" to watch herself nude on the big screen. "I'm not going to look," she said. "I'll be in the bar by that point". Rose (Winslet) strips off for the scene where she poses for a drawing by Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio). Winslet says watching Titanic, which she made 15 years ago, is like being "forced to go through a photo album of your former self for three-and-a-half hours solidly".

Adele has invited Robbie Williams to stay in her 'haunted house' so the pair can go ghost-hunting, according to the Daily Star. The Someone Like You singer bought the £7m Sussex mansion, a former convent, a few months ago but has admitted that she fears it might be haunted after hearing things going bump in the night. The 23-year-old has apparently invited the Take That star, who she befriended at the Brit Awards four years ago, and his wife Ayda to her home to share ghost stories and witness paranormal activity. Robbie, who is a self-acclaimed UFO enthusiast, claims to have a ghost of his own at his home in Beverly Hills. He and his wife have nicknamed the spirit 'Bertie'.
A hacker could face up to 60 years in prison after pleading guilty to posting nude snaps of Scarlett Johannsson online, reports The Metro. Christopher Chaney, 35, admitted to hacking the actress's personal email account last September and leaking two pictures of her posing semi-naked. Johannsson has said the photos, taken on her mobile phone, were intended for her husband at the time, Ryan Reynolds. Chaney, who admitted to the Los Angeles federal court that he had hacked the email accounts of more than 50 celebrities, including Christina Aguilera and Mila Kunis, might be forced to pay up to $2.2m to his victims.

Kate Moss is best known for strutting down catwalks in expensive designer outfits and is thought to be worth around £48m – so the Daily Mirror was shocked to spot her shopping in Oxfam yesterday. The supermodel was seen charity shopping in Highgate, north London, with her husband Jamie Hince. News that Moss, who has designed her own range of clothes for Topshop and Mango, still likes to bag a bargain "basically means that we can look as good as her, and still be able to pay our rent" celebrates the tabloid. "Excellent news."

A sharp-witted Basset Hound who accidentally choked himself on a telephone wire managed to save his own life by ringing 999, reports The Sun. George the dog had knocked the phone to the floor and ended up with the wire wound round his neck. As he pawed at the phone in a panic he rang the emergency services. Police raced to the house having heard only desperate heavy breathing and, with the help of a neighbour, freed George from the phone lead. His owner, college student Lydia Brown, was surprised. "He's not usually very smart," she said. "He's really dopey and just likes to chew socks.

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