Samantha Brick: media-savvy beauty or just plain delusional?

Apr 4, 2012
Hollie Clemence

Angry backlash over Brick's 'women hate me for being beautiful' article is a victory for Daily Mail

SAMANTHA BRICK'S claim in the Daily Mail yesterday that women hate her for being beautiful prompted a backlash so brutal that the writer was left in tears. But the narcissistic journalist can console herself with the knowledge that her follow-up piece today has been promoted on the front page with the newspaper boasting that "millions have been talking about it".
If you didn't have a chance to read her original article, Jezebel helpfully summarises it as a "million-word humble-brag" about how "terrifically difficult it is to go through life as a magnificent beauty".
Poor Brick can't walk down the street without men showering her in flowers and free champagne but, alas, women discriminate against her because of her looks. She says she has been passed over for promotions, has never been chosen as a bridesmaid and has been dropped by countless friends who "felt threatened" if she was "merely in the presence of their other halves".

Brick says she is "tall, slim, blonde" and, as she is often told, "a good-looking woman".
But after looking at her pictures, readers begged to differ.
"Is it just me, or is this woman actually not nearly as attractive as she thinks she is?" one Tweeter asked. While others asked if the article was a joke, describing Brick as "at best, plain and ordinary".
Frustrated with her "delusions of grandeur", readers continued to lampoon her with comparisons to David Brent and Derek Zoolander, and comments such as "James Blunt wrote 'You're beautiful' after he briefly caught sight of Samantha Brick in a crowded place".
More than 4,500 people commented on the Daily Mail's online article and, within hours, 'Samantha Brick' was trending worldwide on Twitter, as even celebrities such as Duncan Bannatyne and Derren Brown took a pop.
Not one to miss a trick, the Daily Mail called Brick back in for a second article describing how she felt about the backlash - which was trailed on today's front page.
The 41-year-old journalist writes that the last 24 hours have been "among the most horrendous of my life" and says she was left in tears after receiving more than 1,000 'bile-filled' email messages.
But worry not. While she was tearfully dealing with the emails and calls outside a supermarket near her home in France, a young man apparently offered to park her car and get her a coffee.
And she just can't help adding: "My detractors have simply proved my point. Their level of anger only underlines that no one in this world is more reviled than a pretty woman."
Her second article has inevitably stirred up more criticism, with Brick's name still trending on Twitter in the UK 24 hours after the original piece was published.
One blogger points out that our misery has just begun. In a world of Chantelles and Sally Bercows, her notoriety is likely to take Brick from unknown hack to the doors of Celebrity Big Brother.
As Brick's original article racked up more than 1.5m hits for the newspaper and nearly 50,000 people shared it with their friends on Facebook, the newspaper noted modestly today: "There's no doubting people found her tell-all interesting."
One woman who is likely to feel a pang of jealousy is Fleet Street's most "nakedly self-obsessed" journalist Liz Jones - when Brick, as now seems inevitable, lands a regular tell-all column at the Daily Mail.

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this has got to be a publicity stunt right?! she cant be for real!

Tell her directly what you think of her !!!
France: 00 33 (0) 565 23 81 98 (landline)00 33 (0) 637 24 49 82 (mobile)

Actually I feel sorry for her. She appears to live in a world of delusion.
What she did was in my opinion as foolish as that poor woman who decanted petrol in a kitchen with the cooker on. She ended up covered in burns and Samantha Brick ends up covered in bile.
What on earth did she expect. Writing an article telling the world that you are beautiful is asking for trouble. She is reasonably attractive, but when it comes to using the word beautiful  Katherine Jenkins comes to mind. She is absolutely stunning. I would suggest that poor Samantha Brick comes down out of the clouds. Self praise is no recommendation. 

Liz Jones has talent and journalistic drive. Not so La Brick.

You ARE a nasty little troll, aren't you?

Never been called a troll before - but in this case I guess I must be

a genius self promotion stunt,,, shes a household name now...

As far as her looks go though brick by name........

Although matm1970 clearly a gilted ex-lover is starting to make me wonder??

I've turned down better! Maybe a touch of humility would make her a bit more attractive. Personality can help make up shortcomings in looks, too.

By the way she is a Brummy....mouthy and clever.

"..Their level of anger only underlines that no one in this world is more reviled than a pretty woman.."

Thats true, because Adolf Hitler was just missunderstood. Stalin had a rough childhood. Pol Pot was kind to children and puppies, but pretty women...hatefull, self serving, dangerous, morally bankrupt individuals that they are should all be rounded up and forced to live on a desert island, where they can do no harm. Or at least have the internet connection  to their French git disabled.  - and yes the spelling mistake is deliberate!


She really is delusional, her looks are average at best. My message to her would be:- "take off your rose tinted glasses Sam and look in the mirror again", Your face is to long, your eyes are both individual and that chin well enough said.

I think she has waited too long to write this article. I'm sure she used to be a lot more attractive 10 - 15 years ago. Also I believe that the attractive/unattractive women divide does exist in some situations. I've seen unattractive women team up to bully attractive ones, I've also seen attractive women team up with men to bully unattractive ones.

You cannot assess someone's attractiveness by looking at a photo. Some people simply attract lots of attention (of various kinds). What Samantha has done is get famous, and make money, through her own words and that will make people jealous. Because many of us are trying hard to do just that (see posts below). I just hope she understood what that kind of big publicity does to a person because it will increase the negative stuff she has previously experienced. If she is clever, then the reports of her being in 'tears' is nonsense. What she is, is 'in the money'. Bravo!

Publicity stunt from someone with nothing to say, next.

Having just read your article about your father..did you stop to think about all the women who havnt had a father in their lives , or arnt attractive, as according to your views they wont have much going for them. You seem shallow to me to carry the views that you do, your views arnt beautiful they will be upsetting to a lot of people, true beauty lies within and thats something your father should have taught you rather than the whole appearance thing, and from reading your article its plain to see why women dont like you, its your persona. Truly beautiful women dont have the problems you have unless they think and act like they are above everyone else and far to up themselves, thats what causes people to not like them. Its not all about looks and thats where your shallowness stands out. I dont think you are aware of this and i think it would help you to put yourself in the place of women who have had to struggle through life, who are disfigured or orphans or plenty of other things. I could go on but i doubt you will get my point somehow.

Liking what you see in the mirror is one thing. Believing everyone else is jealous of you is another. THAT'S what bothered people