The wisdom of Samantha Brick: what else has she been saying?

Apr 5, 2012

More quotes from the Daily Mail writer who thinks she is hated by women because she is beautiful

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SAMANTHA BRICK continues to be ridiculed around the world for her Daily Mail article in which she explains that women hate her because she is beautiful.

Brick has been accused of being cringingly delusional, with a number of people comparing her to sociopaths and fools such as David Brent and Derek Zoolander. But despite the criticism, the confessional writer says she has no regrets about the article and insists the backlash is evidence that "no one in this world is more reviled than a pretty woman".

It seems appropriate at this point to seek out other Brickisms that might have been missed before the beautiful freelance hackette shot to fame.

Last August, Brick wrote an article in the Daily Mail about how she used her sex appeal to get ahead at work and is incredulous that other women might not do the same:

"I've always dressed with the express intention to please and gratify my male bosses in the workplace. If I had a choice of how to spend my ideal lunch hour, it's a no-brainer. Each and every time I'd choose to flirt over lunch with a male superior rather than engage in mindless gossip with the girls over a Pret sandwich... I learned very early on in my career how to clock within seconds who the important male was in any room and pandered to him accordingly. And it paid off."

Only three months ago, Brick wrote an enlightening piece for the Sun about what French mums are really like:

"Given that most French blokes try it on with anything with a pulse, this is no surprise. It's why the women don't go in for girly Sex And The City-type friendships. If she brings a friend home, it's likely her husband will seduce her mate... The truth is, French women are vain, shallow and think of themselves first — their kids second. As mums, us Brits beat them hands down."

The article that caused the current controversy: ‘Why women hate me for being beautiful':

"There are downsides to being pretty - the main one being that other women hate me for no other reason than my lovely looks... I'm not smug and I'm no flirt, yet over the years I've been dropped by countless friends who felt threatened if I was merely in the presence of their other halves. If their partners dared to actually talk to me, a sudden chill would descend on the room."

Brick used to enjoy wearing comfortable clothing - until she moved to France and married Pascal the carpenter, who told her she looked pregnant in one of her floaty tops. Now she wears whatever he tells her to. She explains to the Daily Mail in an article last August why it's the best decision she ever made:

"To the astonishment of my family and friends, I no longer have a problem with my husband selecting my attire, accompanying me whenever I buy clothes or even deciding what outfits I take when we go on holiday. In fact - and I know that many of you will be aghast reading this - I actually like it... Within minutes of waking, I'm expected to be dressed: smart Levis or well-cut trousers, crisp ironed shirt, buffed and shiny heels, even my hair should be glossy and styled, and I, of course, should be fully made-up — all before breakfast."

Brick reveals in 2010 that her husband will divorce her if she gets fat. He even inspects her shopping bags for fatty foods and wags his finger if she is caught eating a chocolate bar - but who wouldn't want to have a calorie counter for a husband if it helps you lose weight?

"When we push back the duvet each morning I know Pascal's gimlet eye isn't always appreciating my womanly form, but is often instead on the hunt for extra fat... You might think I'd be cut some slack what with the menstrual cycle and all, but French women, apparently, don't suffer from bloating so why, my husband says, should I? Some might find his behaviour draconian, but would I prefer a husband who lets me gorge on food and gloss over my true weight? No, because in two months time I'm turning 40 and I now weigh less than I did at 30."

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She's most certainly delusional
And her first delusion is that she is beautiful!

As a man, I would be hard put to even call her attractive!
Difficult though it is to believe, I'd even prefer Heather Mills to this deluded fantasist!

Jeeze, this woman is a moron!

her husband will divorce her if she gets fat."

I'm the third poster and no one has said it yet!

I guess her husband's accent meant she misunderstood when he said she should be properly "attired"...looks like Michelin.

I can't believe that I've just spent 5 minutes reading this. What a lot of drivel. Reading that her claim that her husband will divorce her if she gets fat I say that I would divorce her if she has a pulse.

That is unfair on morons she is beyond that.

LOL, the woman is a comedic GENIUS, perhaps despite herself :)

I too cannot believe that I have wasted a few minutes reading this twaddle but hey it's a holiday and I am very relaxed. Listen guys imagine being married to this bird brain she is totally delusional but then looking at Pascal she's about as good as he could get and vice versa they clearly deserve each other, OMG why am I writing this where's the delete key?

Not bad for a unheard of journalist. Woop, Woop!

Well, I guess she looks okay but beautiful? No. I guess she was a willing presence on the casting couch.

This woman has 6 pages on a motorcycle website, and 99% of the comments follow these here. My fav: so far is "every time I see her picture, I pat my pockets for sugar lumps"  She is  very much a  red top journo, as she doesn't let facts  - or her own writing get in the way.   ".. I'm
 not smug and I'm no flirt,.." she says in why women hate me, yet she admits to doing just that to get ahead at work ".... If I had a choice of how to spend my ideal lunch hour, it's a
no-brainer. Each and every time I'd choose to flirt over lunch with a
male superior...."

Delusional slapper.

She is either completely delusional or has an interesting take on self promotion. One thing I would say is that she is not stunning at all...pretty average really. 

Seems Brickthick neglected her English grammar lessons as well as logic and gender theory - "As mums, us Brits beat them hands down." orta be rited "As mums, WE Brits beat them..."
Then there is the cognitive dissonance of - "I'd choose to flirt over lunch with a male superior" followed in pater para. by "I'm no flirt.." duhh.
And as for "...made-up before breakfast>"?!? No wonder her skin has that mummified look, it has hardly any time to breathe.

Why don't you guys get it. She knows her limitations and uses what little she has in our "no publicity is bad publicity" world.  If there we are to be disappointed at all, surely it must be in how seriously this tosh is being taken (especially with that "this isn't serious" exasperation).  Damn me, I didn't comment on serious socio-political issues and here I am getting all high and mighty on nonsense. 

As you were!

Is she writing a book?

I think a real brick is more attractive than this mouthpiece.

get real you ugly tart. thank god i am delusional

Jesus! Get a life, woman

Poor Woman! deluded or what? the only thing that makes her remotely attractive is the her hair colour...probably out of a bottle

very funny..

This Woman needs help not scorn she is obviously mentally ill ,can't anybody see it?