David Starkey brands Alex Salmond a 'Caledonian Hitler'

Apr 19, 2012
Ben Riley-Smith

Historian courts controversy by saying Führer was 'more democratically elected' than Scottish leader

IF RULE number one in the schoolboy's guide to public debating is "never compare people to Hitler", then it seems no one told David Starkey. The Cambridge historian and renowned controversialist has done exactly that, saying Scottish first minister Alex Salmond is basically just the Führer in disguise.
"If you think about it, Alex Salmond is a democratic Caledonian Hitler," said Starkey, best known for his BBC series about Henry VIII, Mind of a Tyrant. "Although some would say Hitler was more democratically elected." He added: "[For Salmond] the English, like the Jews, are everywhere."
The academic's comments came during a debate last night on British history teaching in schools which was hosted by the think tank Bow Group, Huffington Post UK reports. Starkey is a known opponent of Scottish independence and has been labelled as 'fiercely right wing' by his critics.
It is not the first time the 67-year-old has set the blogosphere alight with his public comments. The BBC received 700 complaints last August when Starkey appeared to blame multiculturalism for the spate of riots that erupted across Britain, declaring on Newsnight that "the whites have become black".
On that occasion, Starkey said that Enoch Powell's infamous 'Rivers of Blood' speech about race relations had come true. Last night, the historian lamented that the speech's legacy had meant it was "no longer" possible to talk about nationalism rationally. He warned: "English national identity is too important to be left to the loons of the BNP and the EDL."

Starkey's comparison of Salmond with Hitler received a hostile reception online today. The historian's name was soon trending on Twitter while Alex Massie of The Spectator, despite the magazine's strong opposition to Scottish independence, blogged: "Even if one accepted the general thrust of Starkey's remarks... there are ways of making this argument that do not distract attention from the argument, or, and this is worth noting, make you seem a fool."

Massie concluded that rather than getting angry, it was "better to accept that Starkey's area of specialty these days is simply being Starkey".

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What absolute DISGUSTING comments.Sorry Mr Starkey but you have just lost whatever respect I had for you....Alex Salmond is a decent living man runnig a country that was blighted for years by Maggie Thatcher and her cronies.You are an abysmal example of UK humanity.

this man should come to scotland and start spouting his racist and biggiot rants and see how long he would last . nothing but a right wing racist git

What hypocrisy! You Scots spouted racist and bigoted hatred against the English including my family through 20 years of living in Glasgow, not only that but one of my children was born in Scotland.

Here we go again, Margaret Thatcher, the scapegoat for all Scots troubles. Get real and question how a country with so many Labour MP's and during 13 years of Labour Government never progressed??

Attatched to you lot

the deluded pie man frightens the hell out of me salmond needs the men in white coats

A Caledonian Hitler I'll second that

Tell me how did you become attached to us lot careful now check your history

 He has used a 'common enemy' - the english, as Hitler used a 'common enemy'- the jews, to stir up nationalism at a time of economic hardship. Anyone with a shread of intelligence should see and respect the comparison that Starkey made. Instead we have the brainwashed liberals hearing only the word Hitler and going mental. GROW UP

If Scotland want independence let them have it. Let them have there own money, own military, medical services, and so on, and lets close England's borders and start sorting out number one rather than every bugger else!  You never know they may make it or they may go the same way as Ireland with the euro end up in a mess but that's the decision for Scotland. 

Same goes for wales as well you think you can make it on your own go and do it but don't come running back if you F@#k it up!

 @salmons scot. I to lived in Glasgow for nineteen years. All my children were treated in the most terrible way for being English. With racist taunts etc. It is so very sad that Alec Salmond is on the road to an independant Scotland,  but if that is what you and the people of Scotland want then so be it. As for bigotry, I remember being in the post office being behind a very Scottish gentleman (known to me) with a very English accent asking for a first class stamp. He was given a 1st class stamp with the Queen's head on it and he said,I don't want that one I want the one with the Scottish Saltire on! so don't talk about racism and bigotry Scots invented the words.

Alex Salmond is being targeted because he is simply far and away the best politician in Britain.
He is one step away from a colossol childhood dream for many Scots, an independent nation.
Of course if he then invades Newcastle, I might join in the name-calling but all power to him 'til then.

 Not just Alex Salmond's dream, but Sean Connery's! After all Is not Sean Connery a member of the S.N.P.?  Their  dream  could turn into a  nightmare!!!

Totally agree. Sieg!!

 like the fact that the english gave the world concentration camps during their time in africa?

This very unfortunate attatchment came about when Elizabeth 1st died with no offspring and James VI ascended to the crown of England due to his great grandfathers marriage to Mary Tudor, this was finally sttled with the Acts of Union in 1707 after Scotland was almost bankrupt due to English interferance in the Darien Scheme (Queen Anne's dutch husband Prince William of Orange, the English decided no Catholic could be monarch, which still continues to this day).

Exactly Scotland was bankrupt which as the Economist recently stated if it get's independence the same would happen again only this time us English may not be willing to help as our line of succession is settled

darien was not the fault of the english. im researching a masters dissertation looking at why scotland failed to develop mercantilism in the 17th century, the fault is the scots. it was not a conducive environment for industry and companies such as VOC or East India Company. that is why darien failed. i've had historians of post union scotland tell me that without union, scotland would have fallen on its face. certainly my research supports that idea.

If Starkey is comparing Salmon to he greatest political orator that ever lived, the man who took Germany from abject poverty to a world power, a man who changed the face of the world, then Salmon you will do well.

I do agree with the fact that without union Scotland itself could've failed. Prince William did have an interest in Darien failing due to the Dutch colonies and this helped to weaken Scotland and hasten the need for the Union due to the Scottish aristocracy wanting to regain money that they had lost in this failed "experiment".  Do you agree though that both sides showed no respect for the union from the start and this has continued throughout? Every country in the world has the right to self determination and all the nations of this islend are no different

 whoops, trying to have a dignified discussion and can't spell island ;-0

What evidence did the Economist show to prove we would be bankrupt? If it wasn't for the Scots you would have no line of succession

 Wrong,the worlds first Concentration Camps were in Scotland used during the Covenanter troubles Greyfriars Kirkyard for one.
 Im also a "proud Scot" but I dont blame the English for every little thing.

Historically the worlds first concentration camps were used during the Boer War, not during the covenanters period, but in the dictionary defenition i can see why you thought Grayfriers Kirkyard could be described as such. I don't blame everything on the English just what can be attributed to them ;-p

Why is it that everytime someone criticizes Alex Salmond its always deemed to be an attack on Scotland or the people of Scotland .
For those idiots in the SNP who are always whipping up  nationalistic fervor this will backlfire eventually when the Scottish people see you for who you are , 'little Scotlanders' !!! who would blame the English for the sun not shining if they could.
Salmond is and always has been a trouble maker and when he fails in the referendum he'll take what scraps  he can from the debacle that he so encourages and still call it a victory.
I wonder if he is as passionate about the Shetland isles becoming independent ??  

Is their nothing you won't blame the English for .Get a life!!!!!!!!

Wake up and smell the English Roses !!!!!

Starkey should do stand-up comedy, he could follow Michael Macintyre.  That way we could laugh at the truth rather than be disgusted by it.

 Negativity rules, ko??

 Only problem with your little theory  - he has done no such thing. Stop swallowing Daily Mail distorted rubbish.

 Thankfully, your irrational little fears are not shared by an ever-increasing majority in Scotland.

 How very revealing of unconscious English arrogance that you assume that rejecting a British stamp with HM's head on it is supposedly 'anti-englishness"

IT was a British, not 'English' stamp.
HM is Queen of Scots, by vow to the Scottish people prior to Westminster coronation.

Have you considered, he might be sending to a stamp collector? Or, republican? No, doesn't fit your anti-Scottish stereotypical thinking!!

 Interesting that two posters have suddenly appeared, one with '19 years living in Glasgow' now this one '20 years living in Glasgow' Is this the latest anti-SNP Labour Party bloggers script, like the i\one they used to try and skew the Scottish Government consultation?

 Your 'logic' appears to be that what may (or may not) have happened 300+ years ago - is 'bound' to happen again, come Independence.

If the argument for the Union is reduced to the level of this rubbish, then it is well and truly a lost cause.

 The article actually shows Scotland doing best of all economic regions of the UK, outside the pampered SE. And having grown 10% over the past decade, which shows what a little control can do. An indicator of much better achievements to come with full return to self government.

 You did not see his body language!  And he did not see me behind him.  I think even the Scottish post mistress was taken aback if not embarrassed.

Are you saying that the English were responsible for the Holocaust?
If so you are a sad person and an ignorant Scot not a proud one.

You should engage your brain before writing.
All of your comments are so emotive and inaccurate that you must have been tutored by Mel Gibson.
The English are just a scapegoat for a history of infighting and betrayal by the Scottish Clans and now the Labour/SNP fiefdoms. 
As an Englishman I respect Scottish patriotism, but abhor racism and bigotry such as that expounded by yourself.
Oh! By the way you cannot spell 'island'. 

Typical Scot, everything is a conspiracy by the English against your poor down trodden nation.

"Just because they accuse you of paranoia, does not mean that the nasties are not out actually trying to do you down"  !!