Charlie Sheen 'threatens lawsuit' over topless sushi room

May 1, 2012

Red top tales: Strip bar forced to pull 'Charlie Sheen Room', The Wanted told to avert eyes from Britney

CHARLIE SHEEN threatened to sue a New York strip club over a VIP room where guests eat sushi off half-naked women for $250. According to the New York Post, the strip club Cheetahs named the room after the troubled actor following his infamous TV outbursts last year. Sheen's lawyers say the club did not have permission to use his name, while the club owner Sam Zherka says he was told the room would be "detrimental" to Sheen's reputation. Zherka points out: "It was a room where you could dine on sushi served on cellophane on the body of one of our entertainers, not where you do crack."

British boyband The Wanted claim they were not allowed to look at Britney Spears when they supported her at a concert in Manchester last year. In an interview on New York radio station Fresh 102.7, the boys said they were told to avert their gaze when the singer left her dressing room. Band member Siva Kaneswaran is quoted on MTV as saying: "[Britney's] bouncers came down with her and told us to face the wall. We turned around and I faced a wall for about 10 seconds until she got really far away." They were, however, given permission later on to have their photo taken with her.

Plans to ban the 'Liverpool look' from the city's own fashion show has sparked outrage among Scouse fashionistas. Organisers said, "There's to be no 'Scouse' look", the Daily Mirror claims, and have vetoed huge hair, bushy brows and enormous eyelashes from the event. The newspaper's fashion and beauty director Amber Morales says: "Take away black eyebrows, massive hair, tanned skin and very, very tight clothes and what have you got? Very pale, very dressed-down girls. Er, hang on, isn't that London Fashion Week?" While Elissa Corrigan, who stars in reality show Desperate Scousewives, said: "Banning the Scouse look at Liverpool Fashion Week is like having the Beatles without John Lennon."

A Taiwanese airline has decked out three of its planes with Hello Kitty motifs in a bid to boost the country's struggling tourism industry. The iconic cartoon cat can be seen daubed across the side of Eva Airlines planes and is featured on everything from the boarding cards and headrest covers to the crew uniforms. Eva has teamed up with Japan's comic company Sanrio, which owns the Hello Kitty brand, reports the Daily Mail. The white bobtail cat, who is said to have been "born in the suburbs of London" and "weighs three apples", can even be seen on the food, tissues, soap dispensers and utensils. 

A Californian man is suing BMW, claiming that a four-hour motorcycle ride has given him a persistent erection lasting for 20 months. According to the Metro there have been previous concerns that the bike in question's "narrow banana" seats could cause a loss of feeling in the rider's genitals but the newspaper points out that "this ride seems to have caused the exact opposite effect". Henry Wolf is suing BMW and seat-manufacturer Corbin-Pacific for lost wages, medical expenses, emotional distress and 'general damage'. But as one reader comments: "Will it stand up in court?"

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This sushi strip club LIE losers !!
He did not sue because of some reputation gargabe but because of ILLEGAL use of his public persona. Buy you a brain medias bloggers losers.