Prince Harry wants to be reggae DJ after jubilee Jamaica trip

May 7, 2012

Red top tales: royal is being taught how to DJ, tweets pic of Holly Willoughby's bum

PRINCE HARRY has become a huge fan of reggae music since his visit to Jamaica earlier this year as part of the Queen's diamond jubilee celebrations, says The Sun. While in the Caribbean he met Rita Marley, the widow of reggae legend Bob Marley, who got him interested. And since returning to this country he has been stocking up on the Jamaican music, buying tunes on vinyl from online music stores so he can play them at parties. He has also been learning to mix using turntables from a DJ friend. But the chances of Harry ever performing at a soundclash are slim. "He's unlikely to ever DJ in public - but if he did it'd be the party of the year," a source told the paper.

ITV's Britain's Got Talent trounced the BBC's The Voice in the weekend ratings war reports The Sun. The BBC show lost a million viewers in a week and that meant that almost 2 million more people tuned in to watch Simon Cowell's talent show. On Saturday, BGT peaked at 11 million viewers to The Voice's 9.1million. That has prompted BBC bosses to tell Tom Jones and the other judges to be nastier. 

Uncontrollable The Voice judge has been given another dressing down by BBC bosses for using Twitter during the shows, which are broadcast live. The Mirror reports that the Black Eyed Peas frontman was spotted typing on his BlackBerry 16 times during the show on Saturday, and the producers are "incandescent" about his behaviour. "This isn't a mickey-mouse satellite channel, this is the BBC where high-production values are key. He's making a mockery of the show," said one. This weekend posted his views on the contestants and even tweeted a picture of presenter Holly Willoughby's bottom.

The dinosaurs may have been wiped out not by a giant asteroid, but by their own farts, according to researchers. Professor Graeme Ruxton, of St Andrews, told The Sun: "Our calculations suggest these dinosaurs may have produced more methane than all the modern sources, natural and human, put together." Methane has a much bigger effect on climate change than carbon dioxide, and the dinosaurs may have produced 520 million tons of the gas each year during more than 150 million years on Earth. The biggest culprits were vegetarian sauropods.

Rapper Jay Z fears that Ivy Blue, his four-month old daughter with wife Beyonce, will grow up to become the most spoiled child ever. The hip hop superstar made the comments in a preview for an upcoming show with Oprah Winfrey about parenthood. "At the end of the day, I just know I'll probably have the worst, spoiled little kid ever," he said. MSN notes that as his parents have a net worth of $750m and she has already been given a $600,000 rocking horse, a $3,500 cot and nearly $20,000 worth of shoes, Jay Z is probably right. However, the rapper says he also expects Ivy Blue to find him embarrassing when she is a teenager.

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