Simon Cowell stripper to 'defy' Ofcom on Britain's Got Talent

May 9, 2012

Red top tales: British Dita Von Teese to peel off before watershed, Liam Payne forced to wear heels

SIMON COWELL has given the go-ahead for burlesque dancer Beatrix Von Bourbon to perform her striptease routine on Britain's Got Talent before the 9pm watershed tonight. Her last X-rated television performance, in which she peeled off her red outfit to expose gold nipple tassels, prompted an outcry from viewers and landed the show in trouble with Ofcom. But, according to the Daily Star, BGT bosses are prepared to risk further uproar and have told the 28-year-old dancer she can do what she likes on stage.

One Direction heartbreaker Liam Payne was forced to cross-dress and wear women's shoes when he was younger. The What Makes You Beautiful singer, who has had young girls swooning all over the world since appearing on The X Factor in 2010, has revealed that his three sisters Ruth, Nicola and Charlotte used to enjoy dressing him up. The 18-year-old, who grew up in Wolverhampton, told The Sun: "My sisters used to dress me... They used to try to influence my fashion a bit. Which you know... may have involved a heel or two."

A concept artist who posed as a corpse for a photography project sparked a murder hunt after film printers sent her images to the police. Wearing ripped clothes, Sigrid Fleckseder lay face down on a river bank for a project entitled 'The Four Seasons of Death'. But when she gave the memory stick to a film printers in Vienna to develop, the staff called Interpol detectives. According to the Daily Mail, Fleckseder only realised there was a worldwide inquiry into her murder when police turned up at her home. She says: "I don't know who was more surprised – me at them being there, or them at finding me still alive."

Photographs of Kylie Minogue leaving a peep show in Soho last night were not quite what they seemed either. The Daily Mirror explains its disappointment: "When we first saw them we immediately thought 'Kylie looks like she's just enjoyed a cracking night at a Soho peep show' and then straight away afterwards, 'God, I hope we didn't miss Kylie performing at a Soho peep show.' Sadly, both of these thoughts are completely redundant." In fact, Minogue had been eating at La Bodega Negra restaurant, a Mexican street food restaurant, which you have to enter through the same door as their risqué neighbours.

A sharp-brained pensioner managed to fight off a robber with his Sudoku pen. A "masked raider" burst into the Sunderland home of 81-year-old John Dowe, who had just finished his Sudoku puzzle, reports the Daily Mail. The robber threw a bed sheet over his victim's head and repeatedly punched him. But Dowe managed to reach out for the pen he had just been using and strike his assailant with it, causing him to run away. Ronald Storey, 37, of no fixed address, was jailed for four years at Newcastle Crown Court after admitting to the robbery last October.

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