Bristol Palin blasts Obama over gay marriage - and Glee

May 11, 2012

Red top tales: Sarah Palin's daughter wades into gay row and Serena Williams writes a rap song

SARAH PALIN'S daughter Bristol has slammed President Obama's decision to back gay marriage, according to TMZ. The 21-year-old, who became a single mother at 18, wrote on her blog that sometimes "dads simply need to be dads", adding that there was no reason to change "thousands of years of thinking about marriage". She added: "It would’ve been nice if the President would’ve been an actual leader... instead of merely reflecting what many teenagers think after one too many episodes of Glee."

Tennis star Serena Williams has written a rap song, according to TMZ. The tune, which promotes the virtues of "balling hard", contains some tortuous rhymes, including: "My name is Serena/ On the court I serve them up like a subpoena/ I cook a track up like a frozen pizza." Williams is quick to dismiss people envious of her talents, rapping: "I can see these haters through my Gucci glasses/ I make a lot of hits with my backhand practice/ They be like Serena is you really rapping?" TMZ says the song is surprisingly catchy.

John Travolta has shot down allegations that he sexually assaulted a male masseur, The Sun reports. Travolta was alleged to have propositioned a man at a hotel room in Los Angeles on 16 January - but the claim has been rubbished by the actor, who says he was 2,500 miles away at a restaurant in New York. Travolta’s legal team has produced a restaurant bill to back up their client's alibi. Meanwhile, the unnamed masseur, who is suing Travolta for $2m, has released a statement wishing the star "good health and happiness".

An ex-postman plans to take a photo of all 115,000 post boxes in the UK. It might well be the "dullest ambition ever", says the Daily Mirror. The paper reports that Peter Willis, 67, has even set his satnav to beep whenever he passes a post box. So far he’s snapped 2,500 and one of his favourites is a "rather bland" box by Newcastle train station. His wife Dianne takes part too, often joining Willis on "postbox holiday tours" around Britain. "There is something wonderful about discovering a postbox in a strange location," Willis said.

If The Sun is to be believed, Jay Z needs to add a new item to his list of 99 problems – bad eyesight. The paper reveals how the 42-year-old rapper accidentally mistook a punter at his restaurant for Chelsea star Frank Lampard. Visiting the New York gastropub the Spotted Pig, which he part-owns, Jay-Z caused a stir by telling the kitchen staff Lampard was out front. "An English chef came out to have a look in the hope of an autograph," explained the paper’s source, "but ended up pointing out it wasn’t Frank. Jay went very red but saw the funny side."

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