Britney Spears gets $15m to join Simon Cowell on US X-Factor

May 15, 2012

Red top tales: Britney's TV pay day, Lady Gaga's new meat dress, 37,000-year-old porn

POPSTAR Britney Spears is to join Simon Cowell as a judge on the US X-Factor. The Daily Mirror reports that the 30-year-old will get $15 million a year to appear on the show, making her one of the highest paid reality TV judges. Cowell said the singer was "one of the biggest stars in the world", calling her "talented" and "fascinating". Britney herself claimed the new job would be "different from anything I've ever done". She will be joined by 19-year-old Disney star Demi Lovato on the judging panel for the new series.

Two years after making jaws drop by wearing a dress made of dried beef to the MTV music awards, Lady Gaga has donned flesh once again. The Sun reports how the Pokerface singer tweeted a picture of herself wearing a short red meat dress and matching shoes. The snap, taken from her Born This Way Ball tour, shows Gaga pretending to hang off a meat hook surrounded by dead carcasses. Referencing the rumour that Lady Gaga might be engaged, The Sun suggests the singer ought not to wear a dress of beef to her wedding, less she risk looking "a bit of a jerky".

French anthropologists have found a racy stone carving which is being dubbed the "oldest porn in history" by the Daily Mail. Urging readers of a weak disposition to "look away now", the paper reprints the 10cm-wide artwork. Look close, and you can supposedly make out a "circle with an attachment" which is said to represent a woman's sexual organs. The carving is believed to have been made by Early Aurignacian humans, who roamed across Europe between 37,000 and 28,000 years ago.

A Kenyan man who claims he cast a sex spell on his wife, returned home to find her naked and physically stuck to her lover, Gawker reports. The suspicious husband had asked a witch doctor to perform 'juju' magic to reveal his wife's infidelities and when word of the hex spread a crowd gathered by the house in Nairobi to catch sight of the spectacle. When the police were called, they were supposedly unable to part the amorous pair. Only when the husband paid the witch doctor $240 was the hex lifted and the pair freed from their clinch.

An American woman dubbed 'Tanning Mom' after allegedly letting her five-year-old daughter use a sunbed, has revealed she is desperate to pose for Playboy, TMZ reports. Apparently Patricia Krentcil, 44, from New Jersey has been hounding the magazine to offer readers a glimpse of her "leathery hide". But while she may be practising her sexy poses, her plan appears rather half-baked, with Playboy telling TMZ there was no way she'd ever make the magazine. "It wouldn't even be considered," said a spokesperson.

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