Robin Gibb's colourful life: 100 flings and a pregnant maid

May 22, 2012

Red top tales: Bee Gees star enjoyed open marriage with druid wife, topless activists grab Euro 2012 cup

AS TRIBUTES pour in for Bee Gees star Robin Gibb who died on Sunday, the Daily Mail recalls his colourful life of flings, threesomes and an open marriage with his bisexual wife. Gibb claimed to have had more than 100 one-night-stands, watched his second wife Dwina make love to lesbian partners and, three years ago, fathered a daughter with his housekeeper Claire Yang. He enjoyed a 28-year open marriage with Dwina, a patroness of the order of the druids, who read fortunes with tarot cards and once claimed she could see spirits from another life moving around the house in the shape of orbs.

A group of topless Ukrainian feminists unexpectedly got their hands on the Euro 2012 trophy yesterday at an event in Ukraine. The half-naked Femen protestors grabbed the cup while it was on public display in the southeast of the country, which is jointly hosting the tournament with Poland next month. Activists peeled off their tops to reveal the words "F**k Euro 2012" on their torsos, reports the Daily Mail. Femen believes that Euro 2012 will lead to a rise in prostitution and will establish the country as a sex tourist destination in Europe.

A New Jersey woman was allegedly fired from a lingerie company for having big breasts and being "too hot". Lauren Odes claims managers told her to wear baggy clothes and tape down her breasts, then fired her over the phone while she was shopping for a more modest outfit. According to the New York Post, Odes says she was also forced to wear a garish baggy bathrobe in the office, where she worked as a data entry temp. The 29-year-old has filed a complaint against Native Intimates to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and is being represented by celebrity lawyer Gloria Allred. Native Intimates, which is owned by Orthodox Jews, has so far declined to comment on the case.

A concerned resident called police after hearing a lengthy period of loud yelling and shouting coming from her neighbour's basement suite last Wednesday morning. But when police rushed to the apartment, in Victoria, Canada, and banged on the door for several minutes the man appeared unharmed. A police spokesman, quoted in the Metro, explained: "When questioned about the amount of noise he was making, the man explained that he had been essentially (in his own different words) on the toilet having his morning constitutional but he was done now."

Foreign Secretary William Hague's 83-year-old dad performed a wing-walking stunt on Saturday while his son attended the Nato summit in Chicago. Nigel Hague walked the wings of a flying aircraft above Breighton Airfield, North Yorkshire, in the hope of encouraging people to donate to the NSPCC. It's not the first hair-raising stunt the pensioner has enjoyed either, reports the Daily Express. Last year he jumped out of a plane at 10,000ft for a charity tandem skydive. He has so far raised more than £50,000 for the children's charity.

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