Kylie Minogue challenges Pippa Middleton to Jubilee 'bum off'

Jun 1, 2012

Red top tales: Kylie and Pippa in battle of the bums, is Clara the name of Doctor Who's new companion?

KYLIE Minogue has challenged Pippa Middleton to a 'battle of the bums' as the Queen celebrates her 60th year on the throne. The pair are likely to cross paths at Buckingham Palace on Monday night when the Aussie singer performs at the Diamond Jubilee concert, reports the Daily Star. In an interview with Alan Carr, to air tonight, Minogue was asked if she would have a "bum off" with Middleton. "I'm going to have to," she replied. Then, leaning over and winking at the Channel 4 audience, she added: "I'll definitely have to be like 'Oh!', drop something and pick it up off the ground!"

Doctor Who fans claim they have discovered the name of the Time Lord's new companion, played by Jenna-Louise Coleman. Fans who have been watching the new series being filmed in Wales claim they overheard the Doctor, played by Matt Smith, calling her Clara. Sci-fi lovers have also pointed out that Clara is the middle name of Elisabeth Sladen, the actress who played assistant Sarah Jane Smith. Sladen died in April last year and fans suspect bosses might want to honour her. However, show chiefs are tight lipped. A source told The Sun: "There is so much interest bosses are really guarded to keep fans guessing."

Norwegian police were ready to declare a state of emergency when 25,000 Justin Bieber fans descended on the pop star's hotel in Oslo earlier this week. But it was Bieber who caused an emergency at his Paris gig when he ran into a glass wall and later collapsed off-stage. He tells TMZ that it hurt when he first banged his head during the performance but said: "My adrenaline pushed me through it and I performed the last song. After that I went off stage and immediately I felt really weak and I was walking down the stairs and I passed out for like 15 seconds."

A fish was pulled alive from a boy's lung after he inhaled it by mistake, claims The Sun. Anil Barela was playing in a river in Madhya Pradesh, India, where the newspaper explains "groups of youths often swallow live fish for fun". The 12-year-old boy swallowed a 3.5 inch fish but it somehow ended up in his lung and he started struggling to breathe. He was given emergency surgery and doctors found the fish was still alive when they got it out. One reader, however, suggest the tale sounded "quite fishy", while another wondered if the boy had been left with "halibutosis".

It was 'raining sheep' in Melbourne on Thursday after a truck carrying 400 livestock rolled off a bend and hung precariously from an overpass. Many sheep were killed as they fell over the railing and onto the highway below, reports Australia's Herald Sun. Dead and injured sheep hit two vehicles, causing one to roll numerous times but luckily nobody was injured. Allan Eade, a paramedic who attended the scene, explained: "This is quite an unusual event."

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