Hollywood midgets threaten to protest against Snow White

Jun 6, 2012

Red top tales: Midget actors outraged at film's choice of 'dwarves', Britney Spears 'has ADHD'

ONE HUNDRED Hollywood midgets are planning to protest at Universal Studios after Snow White and the Huntsman cast taller people as dwarves. Producers used "average-sized actors", digitally shrinking their limbs or transplanting their faces onto small people's bodies. Matt McCarthy, a 4ft 1in actor from the theatre group Beacher's Madhouse - which comprises more than 20 midgets - is planning a march on the producer's offices. He told TMZ that Universal's decision was the equivalent of "casting a white actor to play a role written for an African-American person and digitally changing the colour of their skin".

Britney Spears has been under fire for walking out several times during filming for the American X Factor – but it has now been claimed that she suffers from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). The 30-year-old allegedly stormed off the set on the first day, sparking rumours that she was outraged by a contestant's rendition of one of her songs. But a source has told US website Radar online that she has ADHD and is unable to take medication for it because it interferes with the other medications she takes. "Britney basically has the attention span of a 10-year-old at times," they explained.

Sesame Street's Elmo is campaigning for the chance to carry the Olympic torch. The three-year-old muppet has filmed his own campaign video and set up a Facebook page called 'Elmo should go to the Olympics'. A spokeswoman for Elmo told Today.com that he is an "exuberant monster with a penchant for sports" and has been practising hurdles, weightlifting and gymnastics. However, his favourite sport – miniature golf – is not currently an Olympic event.

Jennifer Aniston's latest acting role involves her dressing up as a panda for a new short online comedy called Burning Love, reports the Daily Star. In the video, a spoof of dating show The Bachelor, a group of women desperately compete for the man of their dreams – a "sensitive firefighter", played by actor Mark Orlando. Orlando first turns down The Hangover star Ken Jeong, who is dressed as a ballerina, before knocking back a blind girl and a mysterious woman dressed in a bear costume. The latter turns out to be none other than Jennifer Aniston, who removes her panda head and later muses that "maybe the bear suit wasn't such a good idea".

A 15-year-old was "left heartbroken" after being denied entry to Disney World because she was dressed as Tinkerbell. April Spielman said she spent three hours getting ready and covering herself in glitter to make her boyfriend's trip to Disney World Florida "memorable". But she was told to cover up her costume with a T-shirt by security guards when she reached the gate to the Animal Kingdom. Disney has long denied entry to people wearing the costumes of its many characters, reports the Daily Mail. "I didn't want to take off the costume," Spielman says. "They were talking [about] how the little girls, it ruins their dreams. But it ruined my dreams because I just want to be Tinkerbell."

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