Tom Cruise wears bejewelled codpiece for Katie Holmes

Jun 13, 2012

Red top tales: Cruise impresses wife with his Rock of Ages outfit, Kim Kardashian eyes Coronation Street role

TOM CRUISE has revealed that he wears a bejewelled, dragon-shaped codpiece in the bedroom for his wife Katie Holmes. The 49-year-old actor first wore it for a scene in his new film Rock of Ages, in which he beds two women as eighties rocker Stacey Jaxx. But, according to the Metro, Cruise has admitted that he kept it and still wears it. He describes his wife's reaction when he first donned the shining crotchwear: "She laughed", he said, insisting "It's hilarious".

Might we see US reality TV star Kim Kardashian tottering down the cobbles of Weatherfield for an appearance on Coronation Street? The 31-year-old is said to have asked a US movie producer who works in London to help her bag a cameo on the soap. She apparently watched Corrie on her recent visit to the UK and is eager to pay a visit to the Rovers Return pub. A source told The Sun: "After watching an episode of Corrie she tried to mimic the northern accent. She'd love a cameo just so she could sneak around the set."

A pregnant woman who believes she is allergic to modern technology, such as iPads and mobile phones, is avoiding gadgets for the sake of her unborn baby. According to the Daily Mirror, electro-sensitivity forced Hannah Metcalfe to quit working in an office environment. The 34-year-old thinks a previous miscarriage was due to fluorescent lights at her work and says iPads and Wi-Fi leave her with stomach cramps. She now lives with her partner and son in countryside near Canterbury, Kent, where mobile phones, Wi-Fi and even energy saving lightbulbs are all banned from their home.

A pair of tortoises who have been partners for 115 years have split up after the female started attacking her mate. In what the Daily Mail describes as "the end of what could be the world's longest animal 'marriage'", Bibi the giant tortoise began biting off parts of Poldi's shell and attacking him at Reptilienzoo Happ in Austria. Zookeepers administered tortoise aphrodisiacs to try and bring "fun back into the relationship" but feared the 100kg reptiles might kill each other if forced together. Zoo boss Helga Happ said: "We get the feeling they can't stand the sight of each other anymore."

A student was caught by examiners with a 35-foot-long paper containing 25,000 answers wrapped around his body. The Kazakh student draped himself in reams and reams of answers for a university entrance exam. But it wasn't long before invigilators noticed the high school pupil fiddling inside his clothing. According to the Austrian Times, they found the chain of computer print-outs under his shirt with potential answers to topics including maths, history, Russian and Kazakh. An education authority spokesman said: "If he'd put half as much effort into studying as he did into cheating he would have sailed through the exam with a distinction."

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