Shia LaBeouf's penis stars in Sigur Ros music video

Jun 19, 2012

Red top tales: Shia LaBoeuf's nude music debut and Kim Kardashian says she took the pill at 14

SHIA LABEOUF's penis has made its debut in a music video, in which the Transformers actor appears fully nude, save for a fluffy pink bolero. The video by Icelandic band Sigur Ros, which features a naked blonde woman, went viral when it was released yesterday. However, the band assured TMZ that they were comfortable with LaBeouf getting "LaPenis" out. Bassist Georg Holm said: "Icelandic people are not prudish about people being naked."

Kim Kardashian has made a "stunning revelation", according to the Daily Mail. Speaking on Oprah's Next Chapter, the twice-divorced reality TV star, who is now dating Kanye West, said she had begun taking the contraceptive pill at 14. "When I did want to have sex the first time I was almost 15," she said. Her candid manner reportedly flummoxed host Oprah Winfrey, who responded with just one word: "Wow." Kardashian played down her "liberal" mother Kris Jenner's decision by saying she had been in a two-year relationship by the time she was 15. She said her mother was "like, really open and honest with me".

A 10-year-old boy was confronted with "proper filth" pornographic images when trying out a present in John Lewis, claims The Sun. Kieran Diggle was out on a shopping trip in Cardiff with his uncle, who wanted to treat him to an iPad. However, when Kieran picked up the demonstration tablet, he was treated to a series of indecent images. "It was rotten porn. It wasn't even boy and girls stuff — it was proper filth. He was really upset and kept asking what it was all about," said his uncle Ross Evans. The shop apologised for the incident, explaining that the tablet was not "correctly connected to our demonstration network".

A homeless man who stole a pet shop rabbit for his girlfriend has been released after four months in jail, The New York Post reports. Thomas Smith, a "serial pet napper" who allegedly stole a German Shepherd in 2007, said he took the bunny from a shop in Soho, New York, because he was drunk. His defence lawyer called the stunt "a hare-y situation".

Hollywood actor Channing Tatum has been accused of pinching "special" stripper moves from his former dancer friends, and using them in his upcoming film Magic Mike. His old workmate Thomas 'Awesome' Austin, said he was not jealous of Tatum's Hollywood success but called the actor an "amateur" stripper who had stolen some of his trademark moves for the film, including a raunchy number called 'The Hot Seat'. Austin also claimed Tatum had used other strippers' real life stories in the comedy. "He only danced for four months. How many events could have happened to him?" he asked.

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