One Direction's Zayn Malik accused of 'enticing jihad'

Jun 20, 2012

Red top tales: 1D's Zayn Malik branded a 'pimp' for Islam and reporter confuses sex toy for mushroom

POP STAR Zayn Malik has been accused of "pimping Islam on your kids" by US political blogger Debbie Schlussel. The right-wing commentator claimed One Direction band member Malik was "using [his] influence to preach the Islamic faith" to "millions" of fans in America, listing occasions when the 1D member had tweeted about fasting for Ramadan and Allah, according to The Sun. Schlussel warned that "mindless girls" were being exposed to Malik's "dangerous influence", adding that even President Obama's daughter Malia was a fan. “Keep your daughters away from Zayn Malik’s enticing jihad... He is a devout British Muslim whose family is from Pakistan," said Schlussel. "He's no dummy."

A man who stole £100 worth of kebab meat, chicken and samosas was caught on CCTV dropping a 5st "elephant leg" of doner kebab on his foot, The Daily Mirror reports. The bungling thief injured himself after two men, who had broken into the Kebab Mahal takeaway near Edinburgh, began passing chunks of frozen meat out of the shop's "tiny" window. "On the CCTV, you see one of them pushing the meat through the window and the other boy grabbing it, before it disappears – the next thing you see is the guy outside jumping about in agony," said owner Azher Rashid. Police are still searching for the men.

A Chinese TV channel has apologised after one of its reporters confused a sex toy for an "unidentified fleshy monster" that a villager found in a well. The correspondent described the pink object as being "a smooth mushroom" with one end resembling "a human mouth", claims The Daily Mirror. The item, which was supposedly found by a villager, appeared on the TV show Zero Distance to Xi'an, positioned next to a measuring tape and described as a fungus. It was, in fact, an artificial vagina. The broadcaster, Channel 2, apologised for the incident and claimed the reporter was not "worldly" enough to identify the toy.
Hollywood actress Anne Hathaway has announced that her current diet consists of just hummus and radishes. The star said she wants to lose weight so she can play a dying prostitute for her latest role in a film adaptation of Les Misérables. "I'm doing some crazy weight stuff right now," she told Allure magazine. Unfortunately for the starlet, her diet makes her "break out" in spots. "Nothing like living on hummus and radishes and then be all, ‘And I got a pimple. Yeah!'" she said.

A spokesperson for Sacha Baron Cohen has denied that the comic actor is banned from "stepping foot" in Kansas and Arizona over scenes he shot in the films Borat and Bruno, according to TMZ. Last weekend it was claimed that Baron Cohen is wanted in the two southern US states and would face deportation if he is found there. The actor's spokesperson said the reports were "completely false".

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So what if he converts people to islamic? Is she that racist to comment like that!? Anyway he's a British citizen who is staying in America for a little while, the British have never once commented on "religion", so why should she!? It just goes to show how childish and pathetic some people can be. Harry wears a cross necklace! Will that be judged next?!

this sucks so this means all holywood celebrities are working for spreading christianity this makes no sense m not a fan but this z shit hes a singer people lsten to his songs THE END