Ruud Gullit 'bugged his own home to catch wife cheating'

Jun 22, 2012

Red Top tales: Ruud Gullit 'spied on wife' and Justin Bieber 'grabbed' by Letterman

RUUD GULLIT, the former Chelsea and Holland footballing hero, bugged his own home in an effort to catch his wife cheating, claims The Sun. Gullit, 49, resorted to covert tactics after becoming convinced that his 33-year-old model wife Estelle was playing away with a Moroccan kickboxing champion. But instead of finding evidence of infidelity, the Sky Sports pundit caught Estelle calling him a "dork" to her mother in their kitchen. "I was laughed at in my own home. I found that worse than cheating," he told a Dutch magazine. Estelle has since walked out on the footballer for the kickboxer, Badr Hari.

TV host David Letterman "grabbed" Justin Bieber's newly inked arm during an interview last night, after growing "agitated" at the sight of the popstar's tattoo, claims The New York Post. "Oh God, how many do you have?" asked Letterman, inspecting the pop star's tattoo of the word 'Believe' (in reference to his new album). "Tell me that's the last one," Letterman said, before grabbing Bieber's left arm while the teen protested: "Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! This is brand new!" Bieber responded to the "lecture", handed out on Late Show with David Letterman, by calling the talk show host "grandpa". But it was Letterman who later apologised for being "snappish" towards the 18-year-old. Bieber "brushed it off" saying he was "fine".
A drunken punter who tried to rob his local bookies "stunned" staff who thought the man was joking, claims The Sun. "Liam, what are you doing? You come in here all the time," they said when he demanded money while wielding a rock. However, Liam Darby, 20, would not go away and staff at the Ladbrokes in Portsmouth handed over £1,600 – most of which the robber dropped on the floor. Darby was caught and sentenced to two and a half years in a young offenders' institution. His barrister called him "idiotic".
Kim Kardashian's ex-husband has been branded "sick" by her family for saying her mother filmed the reality TV star's infamous sex tape, claims TMZ. Khloe Kardashian said her former brother-in-law Kris Humphries had "invented" "disgusting" claims that her mother Kris Jenner had directed a sex tape between her daughter and rapper Ray Jay. Rumours emerged this week when an ex-girlfriend of Humphries claimed he had texted her saying Jenner "masterminded" Kim's sex tape and had even reshot the film because her daughter "didn't look pretty enough". Khloe said: "That is just disgusting and disturbing, and probably HIS fantasy!"

A father has made his own zebra crossing from lino, drain pipes and yellow balloons after the council said it would be too expensive to build one, according to The Evening Standard. Father-of-three Yannick Read said he made the £50 portable crossing after his pleas were turned down by Kingston council, who said the £12,000 cost of a real one would be too much. Though Read admitted the crossing was "a bit Blue Peter" in appearance and "almost certainly highly illegal", it is "entirely convincing when it's down on the road".

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