Katy Perry's sister banished by parents for shoplifting lingerie

Jun 27, 2012

Red top tales: Perry reveals family secrets; Doctor Who star declares: 'I can fill a thong pretty well'

KATY PERRY let slip this week that her older sister was banished to Arizona by her religious parents for stealing underwear from a department store, the Daily Express reports. The singer, who grew up in California, revealed that her sister was always seen as the "angelic figure" in the family but was once sent away to live in a different state for a couple of months after her parents discovered she had shoplifted. "She's sinned maybe once in her life," Perry explained on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, "and that one sin had her kicked out and moved to Arizona, because she stole, like, a bra and panty set from Macy's."

Noel Clarke might have an acute fear of aliens as Mickey Smith in Doctor Who but the actor has no concerns about donning a white thong, silver chaps and a full-length fur coat on television. The actor tells Heat Magazine it was "cool" to wear the outfit for a scene in Channel 4 drama Metrosexuality - although he insists he would not wear it in real life. "If you're an actor that's what you do," he says, adding: "Besides, I can fill a thong pretty well, so I wasn't concerned about that. You can find the pictures on Google I'm sure."

An England fan who flashed his willy in a bid to put off Italy's winning penalty taker at the European Championships has been revealed as a millionaire businessman. Standing behind Joe Hart's goal wearing an England goalie's kit and wig, Tim O'Leary flashed as Alessandro Diamanti prepared to score. The Sun revealed today that O'Leary lives in a £6 million Surrey home near England's John Terry, and owns a city trading company. He told the newspaper: "I was just trying to do my bit. It was a spur of the moment thing. I'd do anything to see England win - but sadly it didn't work."

An up-and-coming basketball player has trademarked his unibrow ahead of the NBA draft on Thursday, the Daily Mail reports. Anthony Davis, who is US college player of the year, is likely to be picked to play for the New Orleans Hornets later this week. He has also trademarked his own catchphrases: "fear the brow" and "raise the brow" – a move that could secure high-paid endorsements and merchandising deals. He says: "I don't want anyone to try to grow a unibrow because of me and then try to make money off of it. Me and my family decided to trademark it because it's very unique."

The Natwest and RBS technical chaos was down to a "fat-fingered newbie who pressed delete", claims The Sun. Thousands of customers were left without cash, causing disruption to people moving home and taking holidays. One man was left with nothing to eat or drink on a 12-hour night shift when his cash card was refused and another had to spend a weekend in prison because his bail money could not be transferred. A source claims that an "inexperienced operative" had blundered when a software team tried to halt an upgrade on Tuesday last week – deleting an entire day of customer transactions.

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