Police called over 'armed gunmen watching Katie Holmes'

Jul 3, 2012

Red top tales: Church of Scientology denies all, Mel Gibson's step-mother seeks restraining order

POLICE were called in to investigate 'heavily armed gunmen' watching Katie Holmes after she announced her plans to divorce Tom Cruise, according to the Daily Mail. The actress's New York neighbours apparently became concerned after spotting the men surrounding her apartment building on Friday. Officers checked the vehicle's Tennessee number plates and questioned the men inside, but took no further action. The 'armed' men were pictured on Sunday sitting inside a white Cadillac Escalade, taking pictures and questioning several people outside of the actress's apartment building. TMZ has claimed the men were sent by the Church of Scientology to shadow Holmes and her daughter – an accusation that the Church vehemently denies.

Mel Gibson's step-mother is said to have filed a restraining order against him, claiming that she is terrified of his bad temper. Teddy Joye Hicks Gibson, who married the actor's father Hutton Gibson in 2001, claims her step-son hates her because she refuses to approve a controversial 'Ozone' alternative therapy for Hutton. The 78-year-old says the actor has spat in her face, yelled at her when she declined his cooking because of a stomach ache and has threatened to make her homeless, according to the New York Daily News. Yesterday a California judge decided that the case will go to a full hearing next month. Mel Gibson is yet to comment on the claims.

A farmer has been warned that she faces jail if she walks her dog too slowly. Linda Jefferies, 61, was issued with the order after claims that she was using a public right of way to snoop on her neighbour Pauline Robb, 52. The neighbours have been warring since 2005 when Robb first claimed Jefferies took photos and video footage of her and her husband in their home in West Hanningfield, Essex. An injunction stipulates that Jefferies must move at a "reasonable speed" along the path or face a maximum six-month jail term and £5,000 fine, reports the Daily Mail.

A family nicknamed the 'Kardashians of the East Midlands' has spent £50,000 on breast implants after the mother and her four daughters had 13 boob jobs between them. The "busty fivesome" had nearly three litres of silicone put in their breasts, reports The Sun. Chantal, 53, is a size 32GG after four boob jobs. Emma, 30, is also 32GG after three ops, Ripley, 21, is 32DD after one, Terri, 27, is 34HH after three and Tara, 26, has had two ops to become 34F. Chantal, a professional psychic, now wants her 14-year-old daughter Britney to have implants as soon as she reaches 18. She says: "I really love the fake look of my girls and I know Britney will go that way when she's a bit older."

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