Bieber considers duet with star who raps about raping women

Jul 5, 2012

Red top tales: Squeaky-clean star could record with Tyler, the Creator; Meat Loaf sues copycat

JUSTIN BIEBER has opened the door to a collaboration with hip-hop star Tyler, the Creator – known for his gay slurs and graphic lyrics about sexual violence against women. Bieber has said that he would be happy to work with Tyler, who fronts the group Odd Future – as long as it's on something "clean", reports the Daily Express. "I don't know if I really agree with all the music that he does. And he knows that - he's my boy," says Bieber. "He's a friend of mine… If I did do something, he'd have to do clean. I'm not going to do a dirty song with him!" Tyler, whose lyrics include "Fuck her in a hummer while I rape her and I put her in a slumber/ It's not a figure of speech when I tell you that I dumped her", said last year that he would like to work with Bieber. The rapper, whose first album was called Bastard, has previously insisted he is not homophobic, explaining: "I just say faggot and use gay as an adjective to describe stupid shit."

Meat Loaf is going after one of his impersonators with a lawsuit "like a bat out of hell", reports TMZ. A tribute singer has apparently hijacked the website ‘’ and is refusing to hand it over to the real singer. Meat Loaf has filed a lawsuit against Dean Torkington in LA County Superior Court, claiming Torkington registered the domain name in "bad faith". He claims the impersonator, who is based in the UK, is exploiting the website to mislead and confuse fans into thinking he is the real singer. He wants Torkington to hand over the domain and pay $100,000 in damages. Torkington is yet to comment.

A German university is suing one of its students for graduating too quickly, reports Metro. Marcel Pohl managed to complete his bachelors and masters degrees in a quarter of the normal time, taking 60 exams in just 20 months at the Essen-based School of Economics and Management. He gained his degrees in rapid time by dividing up simultaneous lectures with two friends and then swapping notes. But the university is now suing him for loss of income after he finished early. Pohl, who also managed to complete an apprenticeship in a bank while studying, says: "When I got the lawsuit, I thought it couldn't be true. Performance is supposed to be worth something."

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