Katy Perry forced to remove dangerous spinning candy bra

Jul 12, 2012

Red top tales: Insurers fear that bra will damage Perry's neck; Rihanna eyed for lesbian soap role

KATY PERRY owns the most dangerous bra in pop, The Sun claims today. The singer has been advised to ditch a red and white rotating lollipop bra that she regularly wears on stage for fear of it causing a neck injury. Perry's hair keeps getting caught in the spinning wheels and insurers are concerned about the resulting level of strain on her neck. Perry says when her hair was last coiled around the wheels she was forced to "just go with it". "By the end of the song, it looked quite like I was licking my own tit," she explained. "What a girl does for her art."

Katie Holmes was reportedly given a secret disposable mobile phone to "escape" from Tom Cruise. A friend gave her a non-traceable, pay-as-you-go mobile to enable her to hire lawyers without her husband finding out, the Daily Mirror reports. Meanwhile, Cruise's ex-wife Nicole Kidman is rumoured to have called Holmes to share her own divorce experience and to tell her to "hang on in there". Holmes and Cruise agreed a divorce settlement last weekend in New York, giving Holmes primary custody of their six-year-old daughter Suri - while Cruise will be entitled to spend 'significant' time with her.

Formula One racer Lewis Hamilton is apparently planning to launch a rap career. He was spotted in London with Jay-Z protégé J Cole earlier this week who believes Hamilton could make it big in the music industry. A source, quoted in Entertainmentwise, says that Hamilton, who reportedly owns state-of-the-art recording equipment, is "a massive rap fan". They said: "J invited him to his studio the next time Lewis is in the US and said they could work on music together. Lewis said he'd repay him by sorting him out at any Grand Prix he wanted to go to."

Sex can be tricky when an animal weighs 30 tonnes and the crucial part is 12-foot long, says the Daily Mail. But scientists have revealed how dinosaurs that were bigger than a four-storey building managed to mate. Palaeontologists have concluded that dinosaurs "made love" like dogs. Kristi Curry Rogers, assistant professor of biology and geology at Macalester College in Minnesota, says: "The most likely position to have intercourse is for the male behind the female, and on top of her, and from behind, any other position is unfathomable." While Dr Gregory M. Erickson, an evolutionary biologist at Florida State University, adds: "It must have been a hell of a thing to see."

Rihanna would be perfect for a lesbian role on Coronation Street, according to actress Brooke Vincent, who plays Sophie Webster, a lesbian on the soap. Sophie is single after her last relationship ended in disaster. Now Vincent believes her character is ready for a new relationship and is eyeing up Rihanna to play her girlfriend. Vincent told The Sun: "She's single and ready to mingle! I'd have Rihanna as her dream girlfriend."

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