World's longest penis mistaken for bio-weapon at airport

Jul 17, 2012

Red top tales: Security asks 'Is that something in your pocket?'; Charlie Sheen 'tweeted during sex'

THE MAN acknowledged to possess the world's longest penis was stopped by airport security guards who feared it was a bio-weapon. Jonah Falcon, who measures up at 13.5 inches, was travelling from San Francisco to New York when guards were 'aroused' by a potential security threat, reports the New York Daily News. Federal agents used a body scanner, a metal detector and patted down his trousers with powder to check for a biological threat. One guard asked if there was anything in his pockets, while another asked if he had "some sort of growth". The 41-year-old, who managed to board his flight on time, said afterwards: "I'm just gonna wear bike shorts from now on. That way, they'll know."

A 14-year-old girl managed to climb on stage and rush towards Justin Bieber during an appearance on Australia's Got Talent yesterday. Bieber was giving a post-performance interview when Amilia Radevska ran onto the stage, reports the Daily Express. She managed to get close to him before Westlife's Brian McFadden, a judge on the show, dragged her away. Radevska said afterwards: "I was looking around and saw a crack in security and thought 'Now or never'. He told me he loved me and it was all ok before I was dragged away."

Charlie Sheen used to tweet during sex, according to his porn star ex-girlfriend Bree Olson. Olson has sung about his habit in a new song called Hollywood Douchebag. Lyrics include: "I'm in love with a Hollywood Douchebag... He's posting Twitter tweets during sex with me… He's got a VIP in every STD..." Olson confirmed to the New York Post that she was thinking of Sheen when she wrote the Twitter lyric but says the rest of the song was inspired by a mixture of different men she has had "experiences" with.

A 15-year-old cat has become one of the longest-serving mayors in America. Stubbs, who is part Manx, became Mayor of Talkeetna, a town in Alaska, shortly after he was born after residents decided that human candidates running for the position were not up to scratch. Mayor Stubbs, who is celebrating his fifteenth year in the role, has more Facebook followers than residents living in his town. He receives letters and cards from around the world and greets up to 40 tourists a day at his "town hall", which doubles up as a local shop.

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'No one has commented yet' --- A man with the largest 'dick' / Charlie Sheen tweeted during sex --- No comment required!

T'was a tool of mass disruption! Bet the security guard felt a right p***k.
Charlie Sheen tweeted during sex? Did he dress up as a Canary too? Oooh! I wonder, did he suckceed? Lol!!!
That Beiber guy's got a lot to answer for!