Wendi Deng denies former nanny's 'war zone' accusations

Jul 20, 2012

Ying-Shu Hsu says working for Deng was like being in a 'war zone' but Murdochs dismiss claims

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IT TAKES a brave woman to cross Wendi Deng, the wife of Rupert Murdoch famed for planting her formidable right hook on a pie-wielding protester. But a former Murdoch nanny has done just that, claiming that working for Deng was like being in a "war zone".

Ying-Shu Hsu was initially hired in 2004 to teach the Murdoch daughters, Grace and Chloe, to read and write in their mother's native language and was later given additional nannying responsibilities. She claims Deng would frequently lose her temper with staff and once threw another nanny out of her chauffeur-driven car.

"She had a very bad temper and would get angry very easily," she told US gossip website Gawker. "Once, when we were leaving the house, I forgot to bring a hair clip for one of the girls, and Wendi yelled at me. So I ran back into the house to get it, but I got the wrong one. Wendi threw it on the ground in front of the girls and everyone."

While Hsu says Deng was "always yelling, crying", she insists Rupert Murdoch was the "calm type" and "a gentleman". The Murdochs reportedly hired around seven or eight staff at their house in New York, including two secretaries, one cook, two housekeepers, a nanny, a tutor and one part-time laundry person. "Everyone who works for her hates her and is scared of her. When she's there, it's like a war zone," claimed Hsu.

However, a spokesman for the Murdochs has dismissed the claims, describing Hsu as a "disgruntled former employee". Hsu, who was paid $3,000 a month, left her job following a knee injury in January 2006 and later tried to sue the Murdochs claiming she was not properly compensated, but her claim was unsuccessful.

The spokesman told The Daily Telegraph that Hsu had pursued the legal action despite receiving insurance money and compensation from the Murdochs.

"A state court dismissed her claims, ruling that they were 'inadmissible' and 'unpersuasive'," he said. "Having failed in court, she has apparently turned to the media with unfounded and untrue accusations. We will not dignify them with comment."

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