Kristen Stewart 'cheated on R-Patz with married director'

Jul 25, 2012

Red top tales: actress allegedly had affair with Snow White director; Michael Jackson family in 'civil war'

TWILIGHT actress Kristen Stewart has allegedly cheated on her co-star boyfriend Robert Pattinson with the director of her latest film, Snow White and The Huntsman. Us Weekly claims to have photographic evidence of Stewart kissing Rupert Sanders, who is married to model Liberty Ross and has two children. One insider told that it wasn't an affair but a "mistake and a lapse of judgment", adding that Stewart "never meant to hurt anyone". Stewart, Pattinson and Sanders have so far remained silent on the claims.

Crowds of people gathered at a riverbank in the Shandong province of China as 18 police officers launched a major rescue operation to save a drowning woman – only to discover that the victim was a discarded sex doll. The officers worked frantically for almost an hour to save a stricken rubber toy, reports the Daily Mail. The rescuers reportedly held up the doll to the crowds of people who were quick to cover their children's eyes.

Former US president George Bush had two former FBI agents taste every one of his dishes during a trip to London, claims the Daily Mail. Gilles Bragard, the founder of an elite group of chefs who cook for the world's most powerful men and women, has revealed that several American presidents often had their food 'security cleared' before eating it. Bragard also claims that Vladimir Putin has all of his dishes inspected by a medically-qualified professional for poison, that Hillary Clinton once 'got rid of a French chef' from the White House because their food was 'too rich' and that Barack Obama "hates beetroot".

The family of Michael Jackson is in an "all-out civil war", according to the New York Daily News. Janet Jackson was spotted tussling with her dead brother's 14-year-old daughter Paris during a surprise visit to Michael Jackson’s mother’s house and allegedly told her: "You're a spoiled little bitch." An unidentified source told TMZ that Paris had responded: "This is our house. Not the Jackson family house. Get the f*** out!" A video of the altercation shows Janet, 46, trying to grab a cell phone from Paris's hands before the teen storms off. Family sources have sought to play down the story.

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