Charlize Theron enters the Kristen Stewart v R-Patz feud

Jul 30, 2012

Red top tales: Theron 'fuming' over director affair; Katy Perry snubs Lindsay Lohan at roller disco

ACTRESS Charlize Theron is said to be “absolutely fuming” with Kristen Stewart for cheating on Robert Pattinson with married Snow White and The Huntsman director Rupert Sanders. Theron, who starred as the evil queen Ravenna in Snow White, reportedly took Stewart under her wing during filming and had also formed a close bond with Sanders's wife Liberty Ross, reports the Metro. "She is very tight with Liberty, has often socialised with the family over dinner and cannot believe Kristin has done this," a source explained. "Charlize had no idea what was going on between Rupert and Kristin and now feels completely betrayed by the whole incident."

Internet users in search of X-rated material are more likely to look for porn in the winter and early summer than other times of the year, a study of Google Trends has found. Researchers at Villanova University in Pennsylvania studied trends in specific words and phrases such as 'porn', 'xxx' and 'x-rated'. They found that keyword searches related to dirty images and films had clear peaks and troughs, recurring in six-month cycles. The results, reported in the Daily Mail, fit with previous studies showing seasonal trends of births, sexually transmitted infections, condom sales and abortions.

Katy Perry reportedly begged friends to keep Lindsay Lohan away from her at a roller disco, reports Entertainmentwise. Lohan apparently crashed a Nineties party that Perry threw for her stylist Johnny Wujek in California earlier this month. According to sources, Lohan became quite clingy, following Perry around the skate rink and asking for a photograph. Katy reportedly told friends to "keep that train wreck away from me". The source said Perry "hates to hurt people's feelings, but she's the first one to tell you she's avoiding all 'Debbie Downers' – and Lindsay was reeking of negativity. She finally took the hint and left."

A 12-year-old boy suffered a freak accident when a pigeon hit him in the face and 'exploded' as he was riding on the world's tallest rollercoaster, reports the New York Daily News. Shane Matus was on the 128 mph Kingda Ka rollercoaster at Six Flags theme park in Jackson Township when the bird slammed into his face. "When I started spitting out feathers, I was like, that was a bird," he explained. Matus was left with bruises and scratches on his face. "It hurt a lot for like three seconds,” he added. “People behind us had feathers and blood all over them. They say the bird exploded."

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