Kate and Wills to holiday on rat-infested South Pacific island

Aug 31, 2012

Tabloid Tales: Kate and Wills's second honeymoon, deadly viper in Essex, Rihanna in Scarface

ONLY 18 months after their honeymoon, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are again heading to a deserted paradise island – this time in the South Pacific.  They are taking an official tour on behalf of the Queen to mark the Diamond Jubilee, who is believed to be lending Kate several pieces of jewellery, including one of her favourite tiaras, reports the Daily Mail. However, the couple will end their trip on the tiny island of Tuvalu which will be rather less luxurious than they are used to. The island is plagued by ants and large rats, and the choices so limited the couple will be forced to stay in only the most basic of hotels.

Essex, fresh from a kafuffle over an alleged lion sighting, appears to be fast becoming an eco-tourism destination after a deadly viper was spotted in the county. However, unlike the recent lion hysteria, the 45cm snake discovered in a dockyard posed a very real danger. The Metro reports the saw-scaled viper, who is thought to have stowed away on a boat from India, is one of the world's "most prolific killers". An animal expert managed to catch it before it hurt anyone and it is now being cared for by an animal charity.

Rihanna is after a part in a remake of her favourite film, Scarface. Universal Pictures is developing a new take on the Al Pacino classic, with a Tony Montana-style drug dealer in the 21st Century. The singer and Battleship actress believes she would be perfect for the role of hard-partying Elvira Hancock, originally played by Michelle Pfeiffer, who Rihanna described as having "ridiculous swagger". A source told The Sun: "Some of her music videos have been based on Michelle's character, Elvira. She knows all the words and even has her walk perfected."

Rescuing a cat must have seemed like a picnic for fire-fighters in Cumbria after they received a call to retrieve a cow stuck up a tree. Farmer Phillip Armstrong noticed the prize cow, named Moorriggs Sparkle III, was missing from the herd and found the animal had fallen down a steep hill and was trapped between two trees. According to The Cumberland News the cow was in "a state of shock" but suffered only minor bruising. After being winched to safety by a system of slings, Moorriggs is now back on her feet with the rest of her herd.

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