Scientologists 'held auditions for wife for Tom Cruise'

Sep 3, 2012

Tabloid tales: Cruise’s bizarre hunt for a bride, One Direction in space, trapped fox is embarrassed

BEFORE Tom Cruise's marriage to Katie Holmes, Scientology chiefs had allegedly handpicked a different woman to be the actor's wife. Actress Nazanin Boniadi claims she dated the Mission: Impossible star for two months but ended up dumped and scrubbing toilets. Nazanin succeeded in the auditions, the New York Post claims, but was cast off because she “disrespected” a Scientology leader by saying “excuse me” when she didn’t hear what he said. Scientology leaders allegedly punished Boniadi for violating a confidentiality agreement after she discussed the break-up with a friend. She was allegedly forced to scrub toilets with a toothbrush and dig ditches in the middle of the night. 


The RSPCA were called out to a bizarre rescue after builders in Hertfordshire discovered a fox with its head trapped in the floorboards. According to the Daily Mail, the animal was stuck underneath the building and spotted the hole as an escape route, only to discover it wasn’t quite big enough. Animal welfare officer Kate Wright said: “He had quite an embarrassed expression on his face.” The not-so-fantastic Mr Fox was eventually freed unharmed using crowbars to lever the floorboards out of place. Wright said: “I think it was his pride that was hurt more than anything, as he had been outfoxed by a hole.”


Fashion-conscious men are clamouring to pay nearly £200 for a brown paper bag reports the Metro. The Jil Sander autumn/winter 2012 'Vasari' bag is made of '100 per cent coated paper' and costs a whopping £185. Following on from the success of 2011's acetate shopping bag, Jil Sander's latest high-priced everyday object has also been a sell-out. London boutique LN-CC is the only stockist of the bag and ran out of the line in just three weeks.


One Direction are hoping one day to count aliens amongst their fans, reports The Sun. Band member Niall Horan said: “I think our goal for ten years down the line should be to sell a single in outer space and be the first band to do so. I want aliens to buy our music.” Fellow Directioner Louis Tomlinson said: “It is worth a shot and is obtainable. We should speak to that band 30 Seconds To Mars – they could probably help us.” might be a better choice for advice: last month his latest single was premiered from Mars by the Nasa rover Curiosity. 

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"She was allegedly forced to scrub toilets with a toothbrush and dig ditches in the middle of the night."

Not sure what type of mentally disabled people are writing this stuff lol. did you read before publishing?

VF mag, Maureen Orth account of all the abuses, crimes, human right violations and human trafficking that Nazanin Boniadi suffered in the hands of David Miscavige and Tom Cruise is 100% TRUTH!