Pippa Middleton plays ping pong with 'dashing' hotelier

Sep 4, 2012

Tabloid tales: Pippa and NY hotelier in 'flirt central', Brad buys Ange shooting range, spurned lover cuts off penis

PIPPA Middleton has been hanging out with "dashing hotelier" Andre Balazs during a visit to New York. Middleton, 28, was spotted playing ping-pong with Balazs, 55, at his hotel Sunset Beach on Shelter Island. A "Hamptons spy" told the New York Post that it was "flirt central".  Another source said that Middleton, who was dressed "sexy, but not too sexy", and Balazs, who has in the past been linked to Uma Thurman and Chelsea Handler, talked business. Pointing to Pippa's upcoming book, Celebrate: A Year of Festivities for Families and Friends, the source said: "She shares his interest in hospitality."

Brad Pitt has splurged £250,000 on a shooting range and armoury as a wedding present for his fiancée Angelina Jolie. According to The Sun, because of the difficulties of caring for six kids, Brad bought the expensive weaponry and shooting range with "people-shaped targets" so that she can "de-stress". A source told the newspaper: "Ange clearly finds shooting an aphrodisiac. When she and Brad were around weapons on the set of 2005's Mr & Mrs Smith they ended up together." The source added: "Brad had a lot to live up with his wedding gift considering Angelina exchanged vials of blood with her ex-husband Billy-Bob Thornton."

A woman flew into a jealous rage and chopped off her partner's penis before flushing it down the toilet. The Mirror reports that Huaman Julia Muñoz, 41, hatched the plan for retribution after she learnt her boyfriend, Ramon Arias Apayco, 46, had been unfaithful. While he slept at a hostel in Peru, an enraged Muñoz used a kitchen knife to slice off the offending body part and flushed it down the toilet so it couldn't be sewn back on. She then tried to flee the hostel but was stopped by staff.

X-Factor judge Tulisa believes that because of her urban roots she is an "inspiration for broken Britain". During a "glamorous photoshoot" Tulisa claimed that her outspoken persona sets a good example to young people because she is always "herself", and declared she did not want to be an "inspiration for upper-class kids whose parents don't want them listening to an Eminem album". According to the Daily Mail, many of Tulisa's critics believe she is actually a bad role model for children after the star launched a drunken, foul-mouthed Twitter rant in June.

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