Justin Bieber's jam with One Direction angers neighbours

Sep 13, 2012

Tabloid tales: Bieber and 1D 'p***ed off' locals, X-Factor filming delayed by romping couple, frisky dolphin warning

JUSTIN BIEBER angered London residents after a noisy late-night music session with One Direction. When Bieber arrived in the UK on Tuesday, 1D's Niall Horan immediately invited him to hang out at his London flat, because when One Direction were in LA the teen heartthrob had the boy band round for noodles. Bieber told the Metro they had a "3am jam session" which "p***ed people off a little bit". The 18-year-old explained: "We were playing really loud and all the sudden we hear 'bang, bang, bang' on the door and this guy shouted 'keep it down'. It was crazy."

LOVERS CAUGHT HAVING SEX DURING X-FACTOR FILMING Filming for The X-Factor came to a halt yesterday when two lovers were caught in the bushes at the judge's house of Gary Barlow. According to The Sun, Barlow and Cheryl Cole were filming in the grounds of Boughton House, Northamptonshire, when movement was spotted in the shrubbery. Fearing it was paparazzi, security was sent to investigate and found a randy couple going at it "without a care in the world". A source said the embarrassed couple made their excuses and left: "It seems they'd been having a picnic and got carried away."

AMOROUS DOLPHIN HARRASSES SWIMMERS A frisky dolphin has been bothering snorkelers, swimmers and scuba divers in the waters off Grand Cayman in the Carribean. According to the Daily Mirror, the dolphin's antics have earned him the nicknames 'Humpy' and 'Randy'. Diver Michael Maes filmed the animal "courting" with him and the video shows the mammal trying to 'ride' Maes and his companion. Officials warned the public not to approach the over-amorous dolphin, as he has been pinning victims to the sea bed. Maes warned: "This is an animal with 500 pounds of pure muscle ... It's seven feet long and it's got amazing strength."

DOOMSDAY WORRIER STORES $100K WORTH OF SUPPLIES A paranoid woman fearing a global catastrophe has stockpiled $100,000 dollars worth of food and water in her house. The worried woman, Kellene, believes a severe financial meltdown in America is imminent.  So, foreseeing a day when money is worthless and fuel and food become luxury items, she spends six hours a day storing supplies. The Sun reports Kellene and her husband Scott have a room dedicated to protein and another room filled with gallons of water, now enough to last three years. Kellene says: "My worst case scenario is the value of the dollar coming down to four cents."

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