Topless Kate pictures: shock at French magazine’s decision

Sep 14, 2012
Nigel Horne

Royal source says use of photos of William and Kate sunbathing ‘turns back the clock 15 years’

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THE publication this morning of pictures of Kate Middleton going topless beside a private swimming pool in Provence is likely to be taken a lot more seriously by Prince Charles’s lawyers than the recent snaps of Prince Harry cavorting in a Las Vegas hotel suite.

While Harry, it could be argued, invited an invasion of his privacy when he asked a group of strangers to join him in his VIP suite, the Duchess of Cambridge did no so such thing. Indeed, the photos published by the French edition of the celebrity magazine Closer could hardly be more intrusive.

They were taken by long lens on the terrace of the secluded provencal holiday home of Viscount Linley, son of Lord Snowdon and the late Princess Margaret. The property - described as a chateau in tabloid reports, but really a substantial provencal house - is off the beaten track, surrounded by lavender fields on a large estate north of the Luberon hills.

The house is not on the tourist trail and - until Linley offered it to William and Kate for a private holiday before their Far East trip - certainly not on the paparazzi hit-list. Someone went to a lot of trouble to take the photos.

William and Kate, now in Kuala Lumpur, are said to be “saddened” by the publication, which began with pixellated shots appearing on Closer’s website, before the magazine hit the shelves this morning.

The truth is, William will be furious. He has loathed the excesses of the press ever since his mother was killed in a Paris car crash while being pursued by paparazzi. That it should be a French magazine that has so humiliated his wife makes it worse. He is unlikely to hold his father back from taking action.

The Daily Telegraph quotes a royal source saying: “This is disappointing, saddening and turns the clock back 15 years. We have always maintained the position that the Duke and Duchess deserve their privacy, not least when they are on holiday in their own swimming pool.”

It is significant that the pictures have appeared in a French magazine, not a British one. They were shipped around the UK and no one touched them.

However big this story goes, the British press is likely to hold the line. Even The Sun, which got away with publishing the Harry photos, is very unlikely to risk public opprobrium with these photos, especially while it’s still trying to apologise to the public for its notorious Hillsborough coverage.

Currently, The Sun is running a straightforward report under the headline ‘Kate topless photo shock’, accompanied by a suitably demure photograph of the Duchess of Cambridge under a parasol.

Closer’s decision to publish comes at a time when the French press is becoming increasingly emboldened having for years been scared off by the country’s strict privacy laws. But relatively small fines – usually less than €30,000 – have made publication of risque photos a reasonable commercial risk. Presidential partners Carla Bruni and Valerie Trierweiler are among those forced as a result to take legal action.

What comes as a shock is the upfront attitude of Closer’s female editor, Laurence Pieau, whose excitement over her questionable scoop suggests she’s not aware of the deepness of the ‘merde’ she could find herself in.

She has promoted the pictures with the line: “Oh my God! The photos that will go around the world”. As the Daily Mail reports, before publication she teased readers with the promise that the pictures would show show Kate “fully topless” and there would be “nipples”.

After saying that “Harry is going to feel a lot less alone”, she also offered the helpful explanation that Kate had removed her bikini top “to avoid streaky tan marks”.

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Possibly there are just too many years of inbreeding. How stupid are these people? If you do not want nude pictures in the public not appear nude in public. Surely you know better than to have an expectation of privacy. I think its time to start over with a new royal family and let them inbreed for a few centuries. What is wrong with these people, and the citizens who tolerate them

Uummm...did you not read the article? They weren't in public. They were at a private secluded vacation home, and someone trespassed and violated their private vacation time to take the pictures.
Leave them alone!

Yes they were in a private area. Why would anyone want to take long-range photos and why on earth was Kate topless? She's not a child. She know about paparazzi. Don't go topless. In Europe the royals lead normal lives. Here they have gone from 1930s & 1960s royal taboos (poor Edward 8th & Princess Margaret) to behaving completely inappropriately!

The kinkiest twist in this kinky tale is that closer magazine has sold out. In spite of the outrage and the hullabaloo.

If some swine had taken pictures of my wife like that he'd be nursing a destroyed camera in his broken arms. There is absolutely no excuse for taking such pictures and even worse for publishing them and shame on those who bought the magazine, you are lower than a snake's belly...

This really is only a big deal in England. If it had been ignored it would have faded in days. It's stupid to go after them legally. William will be chasing around the world giving evidence and making mountains out of molehills if you'll excuse the pun..

She wasn't in public! And this is typical of a mindset in which any woman is fair game and there to be leered at by pervs. There can be no other reason for it. Public interest it certainly is not!

Is it any of your business what she does in private. Er no!

Look it's a picture of woman with bare breasts. You can find much much worse online without even trying very hard. William and Kate must realize they are very public figures and are going to be followed; any indiscretion by either of them is going to fully exploited. Get over it already.