Adele to design plus-size range for Burberry?

Sep 20, 2012

Tabloid tales: Adele's 'voluptuous' Burberry line, Kelly Osbourne thinks Gaga is pregnant, cat to be mayor

ADELE is allegedly collaborating with Burberry on a plus-size clothing range for the brand. According to the New York Daily News, the British singer was approached by creative director Christopher Bailey to become an ambassador for the British fashion house and to work on a 'bespoke' range for voluptuous customers. The singer - who is currently expecting her first child – has previously worked with Bailey. He created outfits for appearances at the Brit Awards and MTV Video Music Awards, and she has declared she is a big fan of the brand. "I've always loved Burberry. I remember saving for three years to get my first bag before I got signed."

Kelly Osbourne believes that Lady Gaga is pregnant, because the pint-sized singer has stopped bleaching her hair and wore a burka to London Fashion Week. According to The Sun, Kelly said that she noticed Gaga's "style has changed" recently, explaining that the singer has been covering her body and "you can't bleach your hair blonde when you are pregnant". Rumours that she was pregnant have already surfaced this month after Gaga threw up backstage at a gig in Romania. However, pictures of Gaga smoking a spliff on stage at a recent concert casts some doubt on Kelly's assertions.

A politically astute cat has launched his bid to become mayor of Halifax, Canada. The cat, known as Tuxedo Stan, is campaigning to "improve the welfare of felines in the Halifax Municipal Region". Despite the law banning animals from holding office, the nominated candidate of the 'Tuxedo Party' has continued his crusade to raise awareness of the number of stray cats in the area, reports the Metro. Stan explained on his Facebook page: "I sleep in a warm, cosy bed every night... Unfortunately, there are cats all over the world who aren't so lucky."

Slash has declared his support for Lindsay Lohan after her arrest for allegedly clipping a man's leg with her car and leaving the scene. Minutes before the incident, Lohan was backstage at Slash's New York concert and he later tweeted: "The situation last night w/Lindsey was a lame paparazzi stunt. She didn't do anything. It's being blown out of proportion." However, TMZ points out that he wasn't actually with her at the time of the accident and there were no paparazzi around, making it hard to believe they were involved.

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