Katy Perry ex kills himself after murder of landlady and cat

Sep 28, 2012

Tabloid Tales: Johnny Lewis found dead in Hollywood, Harry Styles flirts with Emma Watson, Jessie J ate spiders

HOLLYWOOD actor Johnny Lewis, who starred in hit TV show Sons of Anarchy, the OC and once dated Katy Perry, his believed to have beaten his 81-year-old landlady to death, killed her cat and then jumped to his death from the roof of her house. TMZ reports that the 28-year-old attacked two other people in the driveway of the house and claims he was on PCP or meth at the time. The gossip website also reports that Lewis had links to Scientology and was once active in the movement's anti-drugs programme.

Manchester United legend David Beckham has revealed that his ten-year-old son Romeo is an Arsenal fan. The Daily Mirror reports that the youngster decided to become a Gunner thanks to a "charm offensive by the team's manager Arsene Wenger". Beckham told Shortlist magazine that he hoped his three sons would all support United but admitted Romeo took his own path after being taken to an Arsenal match where he was presented with "a shirt with his name on the back and his favourite number".

Harry Styles sent Emma Watson a flirty tweet yesterday, telling her The Perks of Being a Wallflower was “the best film ever”. The exchange started after Watson discovered the One Direction star had left half way through a screening of her film. The actress tweeted Styles saying: “So when are you going to see the SECOND half of Perks of being a Wallflower?! Huh Huh huh?” According to the Metro, he confessed he had left early because of work, but later tweeted to Watson: “oh hiiii.. I'm going to watch it now? On the up side, it was the best first half of a film I've ever seen...”

Jessie J has admitted that as a child she enjoyed eating spiders and ants. The Voice star described herself as “an odd child”, who used to “like to sit next to plant pots” so she could get to her unusual snacks. According to the Metro, Jessie revealed: "There is a picture of me about three covered in mud and eating ants and stuff. I used to eat tiny little spiders, I don’t know why.” She also admitted to her strict dating demands for any potential boyfriends: “I get really bad stubble rash so any guys that I’m seeing or whatever have to condition their beards so it’s soft”.

A swimming teacher accidentally sent a saucy text meant for his girlfriend to his entire phonebook, and ended up in prison. According to the Daily Mail, Craig Evans, 24, wrote the message asking if his girlfriend would like to have sex with him, but sent it to all his Blackberry contacts. Unfortunately for Evans the mistake resulted in more than embarrassment: two underage girls received the text, which led to imprisonment for inciting a child to engage in sexual activity. He successfully appealed the sentence, as the judge believed that Evans “was evidently misguided in the use of his BlackBerry”.

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