Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart in 'no-sex pact'

Oct 1, 2012

Tabloid tales: 'Robsten' banned from sex, Harry Styles: Fifty Shades is 'educational', Brit penises bigger than French

IN A bid to save their relationship, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have entered into a 'no-sex pact'. The couple have only recently reunited, having supposedly split after pictures emerged of Stewart kissing her Snow White and the Huntsmen director Rupert Sanders, and have enlisted the help of a £310-an-hour Hollywood psychiatrist to help get their relationship back on track. According to the Daily Mirror, the couple have been ordered to sleep in separate beds for at least a month while they "work on communicating, healing wounds and trust exercises".

Harry Styles has revealed he has read saucy novel Fifty Shades of Grey and thinks it's 'educational'. The One Direction heart throb, 18, told The Sun he hadn't bought the book but a female friend had insisted he borrow her copy. He said: "It seems interesting. I could probably learn from it, I don't know. I feel like it's an educational and interesting read." He also claimed that he was not as much a "womaniser" as papers made him out to be, but simply has lots of friends who are girls.

A study has found that British men have larger penises than the French, but are less well endowed than the Germans. The survey, carried out by Richard Lynn at Ulster University, found that British men have an average penis length of 5.5ins and the French only 5.3ins. The Daily Mail reports that, at 78th out of the 113 nationalities surveyed, Britain loses out to the Germans (5.7) and falls way behind the "best equipped" men from the Republic of Congo (7.1). However, the study has been widely criticised for lacking proper methodology, after it emerged Lynn got his data on penis lengths from the internet.

A woman in Kent has opened a new five-star hotel - for chickens. Julie Smith decided to create the guesthouse for chickens, named Fowlty Towers, after regularly being asked to look after her friend's birds while they were on holiday. According to the Metro, the chickens can relax in "five-star accommodation" or roam free in the hotel's fox-proof garden. They are also taken for walks and on trips to the village pub. Smith said: "Of course the best place for any animal would be in their own home, that's what they're used to, but I try and offer them service as good as home."

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