Tom Cruise angers fellow Scientologists by contacting Suri

Oct 2, 2012

Tabloid tales: Cruise 'gets special treatment', man's head stuck in bin, Cowell rubs sheep placenta on face

TOM CRUISE has angered fellow Scientologists because he is in contact with his daughter, Suri. Normally, members of the church are forbidden from contacting anyone who has left Scientology, including loved ones. But Cruise has been accused of receiving "special treatment" because, despite Suri and her mother leaving the controversial church, its leaders have allowed the actor to see and talk to his daughter. According to the Daily Mail, the heads of the church have "bent the rules" for Cruise because of "who he is". Other Scientology members are said to be upset because there is "One rule for Cruise and one rule for everyone else".

A man had to be rescued by emergency services after he got his head stuck in a bin. William Middleton put his head inside the litter bin in Aberdeen to see if he could find any cigarettes but soon found his head was trapped there. Pictures of the 52-year-old in his predicament soon went viral on the internet. The Metro reports that it took the fire services around 20 minutes to set him free using an electric saw. Onlookers said he seemed "in a bit of a panic". Middleton described the experience as "shocking". He said: "It was stinking. I'm now known as 'bucket head'."

Simon Cowell's extensive beauty regime now includes a pricey new treatment: covering his face with sheep's placenta. The facial, which costs £330 a go, involves taking placenta stem-cells from a New Zealand sheep which has been "completely untouched by the modern world", mixing them with 24 carat gold flakes and rubbing the concoction over Cowell's face. A source told the Daily Mirror that Cowell hopes the treatment will "give him back the shine and joie de vivre long hours and smoking take away". Victoria Beckham and Donatella Versace are also said to be fans of the facial which reportedly causes no harm to the sheep.

Zookeepers in China faced a real challenge moving Mengmeng the giraffe to her new home, because she is so tall her head poked out from the trailer and she risked hitting electricity pylons, motorway signs and at least 20 low bridges on the journey. Luckily her trainers had taken the time to prepare her – they taught Mengmeng to duck whenever she saw low obstacles. According to the Daily Mail, startled drivers on the motorway could see the giraffe poking out over the top of her trailer and dipping down every time a bridge or a pylon came up.

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Why would any ANYBODY belong to a "church" which forbids you being with family and loved ones?

Of all people, Cruise could make the biggest difference to those thousands of Scientologists that have had their families split. He could say "enough" and demand a change and he'd get that. I want him to see Suri. I don't want him to be "special" and only a maniac like Miscavige would perpetuate this lunacy. Any Scientologists supporting this madness should be shunned until they come to their senses. Tom Cruise...come to your senses and make a difference. Don't put up with this.