Mariah Carey 'is scared Nicki Minaj is going to shoot her'

Oct 5, 2012

Tabloid tales: Minaj's 'gun threat', Cowell jealous of Barlow's barnet, puppy pics help you work

MARIAH CAREY has hired extra security after Nicki Minaj allegedly threatened to shoot her. Carey claimed that during their bust up earlier this week Minaj said: “If I had a gun I would shoot the b***h.” According to the Daily Mail, Carey has hired extra protection because she is worried for the safety of her and her twins, but has said she will carry on with American Idol “because she loves mentoring”. However, Minaj took to Twitter to tell her side, claiming Carey has made it all up out of jealousy because producers have praised Minaj’s judging skills.

Simon Cowell has become jealous of Gary Barlow after learning the Take That singer’s hairstyle is extremely popular. According to The Sun, Cowell got “Barlow-envy” after his hairdresser showed him a feature in Vogue which said Barlow’s style was the no. 1 requested haircut for men. “Simon read it, every single word, had a think and then sent her away to explore new hairstyles.” In an effort to address the situation Cowell has “spared no expense” to find the right hairstyle. He asked his hairdresser to present him with “computer-enhanced hairdos with his face attached for him to approve.”

Looking at pictures of cute animals improves concentration at work, a new study has revealed.  Researchers at Hiroshima University in Japan discovered that far from distracting workers, looking at an image of an adorable puppy increases concentration by 10 per cent. The experts said cute pictures trigger a positive associated with “taking motivation from anything that gives you happiness, pleasure, or joy”. The Metro reports that participants were given different pictures to look at before playing Operation, a numbers exercise and a reaction time test. Those who looked at kittens or puppies were 12 seconds faster in the Operation task.

A father triggered a security scare at Stansted Airport because of a ‘Wiggles the caterpillar’ cake. Justin Barrett was travelling with the cake for his son’s ninth birthday when security found traces of explosives on the cake. Barrett, who himself is a security expert, was taken to a security room for interrogation and rigorous checks. However the Daily Mail reports, he was allowed to leave after guards discovered the alert had been triggered by acetate in the cake’s packaging. Barrett said: “I was worried they would want to test the cake itself and I’d have to explain a half-eaten cake to my son.”

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