Robert Pattinson bans Kristen Stewart from Googling herself

Oct 8, 2012

Tabloid tales: R-Patz says 'stop torturing yourself', Cheryl's vitamin jabs in the bum, Beyonce makes Jay-Z fluff cue

ROBERT PATTINSON has ordered Kristen Stewart to stop Googling herself because it is causing her too much pain. According to The Sun, Stewart has become obsessed with reading all the "horrible stuff" written about her on the internet "as a way of punishing herself" for her affair with Rupert Sanders. Since pictures emerged of her "cheating" on the Twilight hunk, hundreds of blogs, Twitter posts and website comments have emerged slating Stewart. But Pattinson, who only recently forgave his Twilight co-star and rekindled their relationship, has demanded she stop because "she is torturing herself and needs to move on".

'Electric' Kristen Stewart can't save On the Road.

Cheryl Cole has revealed she relied on vitamin jabs in her bum to help her through her break-up with cheating husband Ashley Cole. The Daily Mail reports that after discovering the Chelsea footballer had cheated on her multiple times, Cheryl flew into a jealous rage before heading to Girls Aloud band mate Kimberly Walsh's house "sobbing uncontrollably". Cheryl said: "We had a video shoot for our new single coming up and my doctor gave me a vitamin injection in my bum to perk me up, but it didn't work." Vitamin injections are supposed to give the body a boost when it is run down or tired.

Beyonce's stage outfit was so sexy it caused her husband, Jay-Z, to miss his lines at a recent gig in New York. According to the Metro, the rapper was waiting backstage before joining Beyonce on stage for their duet, Crazy in Love, but was so distracted by watching his wife, dressed in an all leather outfit, on a backstage monitor he missed his cue. He had left his mic on and when he realised his mistake, he was heard saying "Oh s***, I should probably rap here." Jay-Z then gave his wife, and mother of their baby Blue Ivy, a smack on the bum when the performance was over.

An "incredible" image of Albert Einstein's face looming over the Austrian Alps has been discovered – on the side of a mountain. The Daily Mail reports that the side of Grimming Mountain, Steiermark, is the spitting image of the famous physicist: instead of seeing ordinary snowy slopes on the mountain side the picture shows "an incredibly accurate profile of Einstein's famous face". The paper also notes that "ironically" Einstein lived in Austria between 1911 and 1912.

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