Robert Pattinson seen flirting, but not with Kristen Stewart

Oct 11, 2012

Tabloid tales: R-Patz cosies up to 'mystery girl', bizarre hotel demands, Cheryl calls Nicole 'crazy'

ROBERT PATTINSON has been spotted cosying up to a mystery woman on a night out in New York. Despite rekindling his romance with cheating girlfriend, Kristen Stewart, pictures have emerged of the Twilight star with his arm around another woman. According to the Daily Mail, Pattinson was flirting with the woman till the early hours of the morning inside Manhattan's Dream Hotel. A source said that although he was with a large group of friends Pattinson "only had eyes for the girl". But despite the girl "making him laugh a lot", another onlooker said "he also looked scared of the world. He seemed a bit timid".

Lindsay Lohan has had another run in with the police, after she and her mother, Dina, got into a fight after an evening out together. According to the Metro, the pair started rowing after they left a New York night club over a $40,000 loan Lindsay had given Dina. Lindsay later called her father to tell him she was being "kidnapped" by her mother because she was not allowed to get out of the limo they were travelling in. When they reached Dina's home in Nassau County, the fight continued, with Lindsay sustaining a cut to one of her legs.

Cheryl Cole has revealed when she first met Nicole Scherzinger she thought she was "crazy". According to the Daily Mirror, they were introduced on the UK X Factor and Nicole gushed over the Geordie star, telling her she was really pretty. In her new book, My Story, Cheryl describes the meeting as "really embarrassing" because Nicole then proceeded to sing Cheryl's single Promise This: "I swear to God the woman sang the whole song, to my face. It was just so awkward." When they met again, on X Factor USA, Cheryl said this time Nicole was singing and dancing to her own songs: "I found that a bit crazy and odd."

How to cross the M25 on foot and whether Shetland ponies can accompany guests are among some of the ridiculous requests made to Travelodge hotel staff. Other demands include asking staff to "stop the windy weather" because it was playing havoc with one guest's hair and if they could stop church bells ringing. The Sun reports that one guest enquired when the Loch Ness Monster would be coming out "so we don't miss it". Travelodge spokesman Shakila Ahmed said the hotel staff "try their utmost to accommodate all requests but there are some we just can't help with".

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It's Sienna Miller. Tom Sturridges girlfriend. Rob is Godfather to their baby.

Robert Pattinson is the father to that baby that why he is having trouble in bed with Kristen Stewart, because he's been in bed with Sienna Miller both of their so called friend. You all keep saying he the Godfather yeah right.

It doesn't look like Siena Miller to me. Why would he have his arm around her and be cozy-ing up to her all night if it was Siena Miller? I think that would make his friend pretty mad.

I hope she finds someone else, he doesn’t deserves her. This is double standard all the way, He’s always flirted, that’s the way he is. She deserves someone truly committed to her. I believe he is such a hypocrite. She should move on to someone who will support her through the good and the bad, who accepts her for who she is, a wonderful and talented young lady. Rupert was just a sign that something was not working, and I believe one of the issues is his drinking problem, his lack of attention to her, his flirting that got to a point were maybe there wasn’t another way out for her. He needs to take care of his behavior and then maybe he’ll be able to make someone happy. It’s no secret he has a drinking problem. His friends have advice him to go to rehab. So I believe the unstable one is him and he drove her away. She made a mistake, but there’s two in a relationship and something else triggered the aftermath. She should move on and rise above this madness and gain back her life, her self esteem, her pride, herself. She is unique, one of a kind, a trend setter, a great actress and above all, she is just a young girl, learning too fast way to become and adult and endure all this offensive treatment from the fans, the media and her supposedly devoted boyfriend who ran away when she needed him the most. Go get a degree and write great stories Kristen, yours is one of the best, because you’ve become an example of courage and braveness in spite of the unfairness of this indiscretion. You have been blamed because a man twice your age took advantage of his power over you. Rob is hurting you, instead of being there for you. Kick his ars out of your life and start over!