Robert Pattinson can't cheer up 'miserable c***' Kristen Stewart

Oct 12, 2012

Tabloid tales: Stewart admits she is a 'miserable c***', Kate Middleton performed as Cheryl Cole, Justin Bieber 'naked pics'

KRISTEN STEWART has revealed that not much makes her happy - not even rekindling her relationship with Robert Pattinson. According to the Metro, the Twilight actress describes herself as "a miserable c***". Stewart admitted she doesn't know what cheers her up, saying it could be: "when I'm comfortable and content or when I'm pushing myself to the limits." Earlier this year, it emerged Stewart had cheated on Pattinson with her married Snow White and the Huntsman director, Rupert Sanders. After apologising, she put her foot in it this week by boasting about having "good relationships" with her directors, saying: "I rely really heavily on the director/actor relationship."

On her hen night, Kate Middleton dressed up like Cheryl Cole and even performed the Geordie's single, Fight for this Love. In her new book, My Story, Cheryl reveals the "surreal" moment when Prince William told her about Kate's hen do. Backstage at the Queen's Diamond Jubilee concert, William said: "Did you know you've got a bit of competition?". According to the Daily Mirror, the royal couple then giggled as the duchess admitted she sang Fight for this Love dressed in a body suit, a pair of split trousers, and a peaked hat like Cheryl did in her video. Cheryl said: "She even learned the dance routine and was step perfect by all accounts."

Justin Bieber was furious to discover not only had his laptop been stolen but nude pictures from it were apparently leaked on the internet. According to The Sun, the teen heartthrob was on stage in Tacoma, Washington, when a thief broke into his manager's office and stole the computer and his camera. A few hours later naked pictures were circulating on the internet allegedly of Justin. Despite the person in the pictures sporting the same tattoo as Justin, his face is not shown and the photos have been described as fake. But Bieber confused the issue by tweeting: "Sucks when u take personal footage and people don't respect your privacy."

A French woman was left stunned when she received a huge phone bill - for £10 trillion. Solenne San Jos then struggled to convince her telephone provider the bill of €11,721,000,000,000,000, which is nearly 6000 times France's GDP, was a mistake. Solenne said: "I almost had a cardiac arrest! There were so many zeros." But when she contacted the company to tell them there had been an error, Bouygues Telecom insisted a mistake was impossible and the amount would be automatically withdrawn from her account, reports the Daily Mail. After numerous phone calls Solenne eventually managed to discover the real amount she owed: €117.21.

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I was giving K. Stewart the benefit of the doubt, but after this quote, I am done with her. She truly is a miserable soul. One with a foul mouth and bad attitude. I had attributed her nuances to youth....but now, I'm seeing she is nothing but a brash little snit with too much money and fame. It has gone to her head. She is standing on her head to be different and an "artist". Get off your high horse, Kristen, and put your big girl panties on and emulate someone with intelligence and style. No wonder R. Pattinson has second thoughts. I'm sure he is tired of a miserable whiner with a bizarre psyche.

I totally agree with you gretchen, I realize Kristen swears too much. And i don't know why she has to be so negative all the time.

Kristen is bi-polar. Or just nuts. For a woman to call herself a c --t, is just too vulgar for any understanding. She needs mental help. Robert should run while the running is good after his contractual obligations to promote the final Twilight movie. If you do not respect yourself (c--t?). How can you respect someone else that you say you love? Have she not proven already how she rewards those she claims to love remember Rupert Sanders. Now she is repeating her same old nutty statements which means nothing to anyone but herself (drugs?) Again Robert run like Forrest Gump. There are too many young women out in the world, sane young women who take pride in themselves as well as others. Robert please another young woman a chance to shine in your eyes. And blind yourself to Kristen. When you look up the word "trouble", guess who's face is there?

whp's face is there?

A gal who calls herself "a miserable c***" is not on a high horse. I don't know if she's bipolar, "just" depressed, or has some other disorder/issue, but something is definitely up with Kristen. Rather than criticize someone I don't know about issues I don't understand, I think it more constructive to wish the very best for Rob and Kristen, see the next movie, and wait for valid news. That's what I choose to do.

Bother of them are just alike. But I think Rob is a little more confident, I think. He does have some issuse too but I notice he's a little different then Kristen. I think each one need to get with people that will boost their self esteem more. Both are somewhat similar and that's why I think they need to officially split for good because two low self esteem people wont work.

she is like girls

or Older men

I think her self-esteem is just fine. She thinks she's the most authentic, talented, unique girl in the biz. Her ego is off the charts. This comment doesn't seem rooted in self doubt to me, but in the arrogance of a girl who thinks every word out of her mouth is fascinating and clever.