Robert Pattinson 'can do better' than Kristen Stewart, says Trump

Oct 18, 2012

Tabloid tales: Trump attacks K-Stew, ridiculous restaurant names, Brad Pitt spent £5k on chips and baked beans

DONALD TRUMP has slammed Kristen Stewart on Twitter, telling Robert Pattinson "he can do much better". The New York Daily News reports that after discovering the Twilight co-stars had rekindled their relationship, despite Stewart cheating on Pattinson with director Rupert Sanders, Trump took to Twitter to dole out his advice. The property magnate tweeted: "Robert Pattinson should not take back Kristen Stewart. She cheated on him like a dog and will do it again - just watch. He can do much better!" Whether R-Patz is aware of Trump's advice is unknown, though the message has been retweeted over 1,300 times. 

Brad Pitt has spent thousands of pounds importing baked beans and Turkey Twizzlers to his home in France, because he and Angelina Jolie's children now prefer British grub. The family recently moved back to their home in the south of France, after spending the summer in Britain because of filming commitments. According to The Sun, Brangelina's brood of six have gone off French cuisine, so Pitt spent £5,000 shipping British delicacies such as toad in the hole, cottage pie and apple crumble to France. A source told The Sun: "Brad put in a massive order. He filled two freezers.

'Thai Tanic' and 'Lord of the Fries' are just two entries on the list of the world's best restaurant names. The Daily Mail reports that food lover Ben Brusey has compiled the list in his book Pu Pu Hot Pot: World's best restaurant names. However, the book doesn't only feature restaurants, other amusingly named businesses include: Sunderland off licence Amy's Winehouse, kebab stall Jason Donervan and Norwegian cafe Coffee Annan. Other inventive establishments are: New York's Pita Pan, London cafe Nin Com Soup, vintage coffee shop Has Beans and New Jersey bar Tequila Mockingbird.

A pair of bears are on the run after robbing a beekeeper's farm and stealing over a thousand dollars worth of loot. The bears broke and entered into Ballard Bee Company's rural Washington State HQ and left with honey worth an estimated $1,200. "We had early trick-or-treaters at the farm today," said a post on the company's Facebook page. "Sneaky devils." According to the Metro, the honey heist bears left a trail of destruction in their wake: they broke down fences and destroyed two hives.

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Advices from a twice divorced with several alleged affairs, which almost destroyed his first wife's Ivanka's life. Please, are you kidding me? He is mirroring himself and calling himself a dog. Double standard and sexism all the way!!!

I don't think that Donald T has the moral to give advices to RP.Himself has been known as a cheater. He betrayed his wife and married a younger woman and everybody knows she did it for money.At least RP really loves KS. Donald T is a stinky dog trying to get the attention he doesn't have anymore. Shame of him!!!. Kristine could be his grandaughter .We already knowthat hi is a yerk, so SHUT UP!!