Van Halen bassist insulted by 'd***heads' One Direction

Oct 19, 2012

Tabloid tales: Van Halen’s angry 1D tweets, Bieber takes a tumble, Lady Gaga to launch 'healthy water' brand

ONE DIRECTION and Van Halen have started an unlikely feud, with a bassist for the 1970s rockers branding the boy band "d***heads". Wolfgang Van Halen, who joined the band in 2007 and is the son of the veteran band's legendary guitarist Eddie, ran into One Direction at a hotel in Birmingham and claims the boys were rude to him, reports the Daily Mail. He tweeted: "Fun fact: Was just insulted by that s****y boy band #OneDirection in the lobby of our hotel." He added: "That group of kids in #OneDirection were d**kheads..." Clearly still angry he later tweeted: "They must call themselves that because all of their hair points in #OneDirection."

Justin Bieber was left red faced after falling down a flight of stairs on stage. The fall is the second time the teen heartthrob has embarrassed himself during his Believe tour: last month the 18-year-old vomited on stage in Arizona - twice. According to the Daily Mail, Bieber was performing a duet with Call me maybe singer, Carly Rae Jepsen during a concert in Canada when it happened. Bieber was descending a staircase when he missed a step and tumbled backwards. Luckily for him, Jepsen grabbed his hand as he fell, minimising the popstar's humiliation.

In the wake of criticism over her recent weight gain, Lady Gaga is set to release a "healthy drinking water brand". According to the New York Daily News, Gaga may have purposefully piled on the pounds ahead of the high profile launch of the "diet water" as part of a marketing ploy. A source told the newspaper "Gaga has been at the centre of a lot of attention over her weight increase," which "may be part of a plan". The source says that after making headlines for gaining weight, Gaga may quickly lose the weight to promote the "healthy drinking water".

A woman has claimed to have seen a UFO hovering in the Scottish sky. Morag Ritchie, 50, woke up to see strange lights floating in the air over fields behind her cottage in Fraserburgh, Aberdeenshire. Ritchie told The Sun: "I woke up in the early hours of Saturday morning and just seemed to be drawn to look out of the window." She then alerted the rest of her family who all apparently saw the "sequence of lights flickering...occasionally a light shot out from it." According to Ritchie the mysterious lights stayed there for several hours. The grandmother said she wasn't scared but would like to know "if anyone else in the community saw it".

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