Justin Bieber sued for 'stealing credit card to buy penis enlargement'

Oct 24, 2012

Tabloid tales: Bieber sued by man posing as Selena Gomez's dad, Tulisa's dog pees on X Factor, Madonna falls flat on her face

JUSTIN BIEBER is being sued by a hoaxer pretending to be Selena Gomez's dad. The lawsuit accuses the teen heartthrob of getting "a penis enlargement with my stolen American Express card". TMZ reports that the "insane and obviously untrue allegations" include Bieber getting Gomez, who he is actually dating, pregnant "on my Canadian bear rug" and buying cocaine with "sean p-ditty [sic] combs." Another bogus celebrity lawsuit, possibly by the same person, has been filed in Federal court against Rihanna by someone pretending to be Chris Brown. The hoaxer is demanding $10m because the pop star allegedly "gave him herpes".

Children at Nottingham's Cineworld, excited to see family friendly Madagascar 3, were left terrified when horror flick Paranormal Activity 4 was screened instead. The cinemagoers, including children as young as five, were expecting to see an animated film about escaped zoo animals but were instead treated to the gruesome opening scenes of Paranormal Activity 4, which feature a woman's bloody corpse being hurled at the screen. One mother said the mistake, which left families screaming for the exit, would "scar the children for life... It's enough to make grown men jump, so you can imagine the terror in these young faces."

Tulisa is apparently furious with her new puppy who has been peeing all over her TV dressing room. The X-Factor judge has been bringing Prince, a three-month old Staffordshire bull terrier, to the show's studio but he has not been behaving well. The over-excited puppy has not only sprayed her dressing room with urine but also vomit. A "pal" told the Sun: "There have been a few accidents... Tulisa wasn't best pleased". Luckily for the star "as she was so busy filming" she didn't have to clear up the puppy's mess: "That delight fell to a friend."

Madonna experienced an embarrassing moment during a recent concert when she fell over and landed on the floor. According to the Sun, the Queen of Pop was singing Like a Prayer while performing in Dallas as part of her MDNA tour when she took the tumble. Madonna had been walking over to the audience when an excited fan grabbed her hand, causing her to lose balance. She then fell backwards onto the floor with her legs flailing in the air, but, ever the professional, she bounced back up, and carried on singing throughout.

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