Justin Timberlake ‘made grown men cry’ with wedding song

Oct 29, 2012

Tabloid tales: Timberlake’s emotional song, J-Lo loves Kate and Wills’ biscuits, Lohan laughs at Hurricane Sandy

JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE has revealed that the romantic ballad he sang at his wedding to Jessica Biel was so emotional it left “grown men weeping”. The pop star serenaded Biel as she walked down the aisle with a specially written song. Justin said: “I figured if there was something I was going to be able to offer, it would be to sing her down the aisle. Grown men were weeping. Hopefully it's because I didn't sound bad.” The pair tied the knot in Puglia, Italy in a week long celebration which reportedly cost $6.5million. According to the Daily Mail, the Hollywood couple chose Italy for the food. Justin explained: “We love to eat.”

Jennifer Lopez has demonstrated her fondness for Britain’s royal family by buying large amounts of special Prince William and Kate Middleton biscuits. The ‘posh’ treats commemorating the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding are sold in Harrods and on a recent visit to the store the American diva bought lots of boxes of the biscuits. A source told the Sun: “It was funny, she made a beeline for the biscuit stand and spent ages poring over the tins with her boyfriend Casper Smart.” Lopez apparently came to love the royal family after watching Kate and Wills’ nuptials on TV last year and being “blown away by the glamour”.

As Hurricane Sandy edges closer to New York and the city goes into lockdown, Lindsay Lohan has taken to Twitter to make light of the ‘megastorm’ and offer helpful advice to her followers. The Daily Mail reports that Lohan thinks people are far too worked up about the storm US authorities have called “life threatening”. The actress tweeted: “WHY is everyone in SUCH a panic about hurricane (i'm calling it Sally)..? Stop projecting negativity! Think positive and pray for peace.” Lohan continued to joke about the impending hurricane, which has forced thousands of New Yorkers to evacuate their homes, renaming it “Hurricane Sassy”.

Hundreds of Brits have made desperate calls to the police because they are convinced they are being haunted, chased by zombies or stalked by vampires. According to the Metro, police were called to investigate zombie sightings in Pembrey, Carmarthenshire, only to discover the hordes of the undead were in fact extras on a movie set. One woman rang the police because she had been locked out of her house – apparently by an angry ghost. The calls made to 999 included reports of poltergeists stealing car keys, a devil possessing a doll and werewolves trying to break down a front door. Unsurprisingly, many callers were told to “stop drinking and go to bed."

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