One Direction to 'do a Take That', with a ten-year split

Oct 31, 2012

Tabloid tales: 1D plan comeback tour, Katie Holmes' restaurant embarrassment, Man's quest to lick UK cathedrals

ONE DIRECTION have already planned a comeback album and tour - and they haven't even split up yet. As the band prepares for the release of their second album, Take me home, the boys have revealed their plans for showbiz longevity: when they reach the "height of their success" they intend to take a decade-long break before returning for a lucrative comeback album and tour. According to the Metro, Band member Niall Horan said: "We want to be like Take That or Gary Barlow - take 10 years out and then come back."

While visiting an upmarket New York restaurant, Katie Holmes was left embarrassed when she and her daughter, Suri, were seated next to a group of Halloween revellers who were wearing 'Free Katie' and 'Free Suri' T-shirts. The slogans were a reference to a campaign that began during Holmes's five-and-a-half year marriage to Tom Cruise, which urged her to escape from the Top Gun star and his associations with Scientology. According to the Daily Mail, Holmes "kept her cool and didn't say anything", though after noticing the high-profile mother and daughter, the embarrassed group covered up their tops.

A British man is touring all of the UK's cathedrals with the unusual goal to lick them all. Laurence Edmonds is now nearing the end of his quest: he has so far managed 60 of the country's 64 cathedrals. According to the New York Post, Edmonds, 27, made a bet with a friend in the pub and has two years to complete the task. If he fails he will have to run naked around York Minster. Edmonds says Lichfield Cathedral in the Midlands tasted best, Wakefield tasted revolting and Perth, in Scotland, was "a little gritty".

Fans were queuing round the block for the latest celebrity book signing yesterday as Uggie the dog released his autobiography, Uggie: The Artist - My Story. Uggie, who retired from show business earlier this year, starred in the Oscar-winning The Artist and also acted alongside Reese Witherspoon and Robert Pattinson in Water for Elephants. According to the Daily Mail, Uggie jetted in from Paris to the Kensington branch of Waterstones, where he signed hundreds of books "with a neat paw print" and even performed a few tricks for "an adoring audience". The book "tells the story of Uggie's journey from abandoned puppy to one of Hollywood's biggest stars".

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ummmmmmm no.

It could be good for them... they've had a very busy few years and maybe a long rest will do them good...? They said that they'll have a big comeback tour and album... so it's not like they're going to leave the music industry forever...! :)