Policeman fires gun outside Kate Middleton's Welsh home

Nov 2, 2012

Tabloid tales: gun accidentally fired outside royal home; Justin Bieber drops hints that he's single

A POLICEMAN guarding the home of Kate Middleton and Prince William has landed himself in trouble after accidentally firing his gun while on duty. The officer was sitting in a vehicle outside the royal couple's home in North Wales when he "unintentionally discharged the firearm". According to the Daily Mirror, neither he nor his fellow off-duty officer were injured when the shot went off but the door of the police vehicle was badly damaged. Scotland Yard has launched an investigation into the incident and the officer has been removed from firearms duty.

Justin Bieber has been dropping cryptic hints on a social networking site that he and fellow teen sensation, Selena Gomez, have broken up. According to the Metro, the teen heartthrob posted a "lonely sad looking picture" of himself on Instagram captioned ‘Lingse' – an anagram for ‘single'. Bieber quickly deleted the photo but later posted another image of his mournful face, staring at himself in the mirror, and called it ‘Just me'. The pictures appear to confirm rumours that have circulated since Gomez was spotted crying at lunch with friends this summer.

Chris Brown has once again courted controversy by attending a Halloween party dressed as a "gun-toting Taliban terrorist". The Daily Mail reports that the singer posted pictures on Twitter of himself and friends wearing turbans, long fake beards, draped in ammunition and holding fake machine guns – seemingly in an effort to look like stereotypical terrorists. He captioned the picture: "Ain't nobody F***ing wit my clique!!!! #ohb." Chris was dressed up to attend the party of his ex-girlfriend Rihanna, whom he assaulted in 2009. Brown's mother defended his costume decision tweeting: "Halloween is for fun nothing more than just fun".

A hedgehog was saved from a crisp packet in a dramatic 3.5-hours, six-man rescue. The creature, named Crispian, was spotted struggling to get free from the packet by two members of the public in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset. Unfortunately Crispian was stuck behind a set of railings. The pair then enlisted the support of a street warden and a local carpenter but neither could reach the trapped hedgehog. Eventually two volunteers from Pickles Hedgehog Rescue (PHR) used a grinder to cut through the obstructing metal bars. PHR founder Jules Bishop told the Metro that Crispian "is thriving now... I want to thank all the people involved... without their commitment and dedication this little hog would have had no way to survive."

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