Robert Pattinson was 'tipsy on Jimmy Kimmel’

Nov 8, 2012

Tabloid tales: R-Patz’s slurring TV appearance, ASBO cat on the loose, The Wanted threaten One Direction

ROBERT PATTINSON appeared to be slightly tipsy on Jimmy Kimmel Live, as he admitted he had been drinking vodka before the show started. According to the Daily Mail, Pattinson arrived on the show "looking flushed" and "plonked himself down on a chair" joking about his poor choice of shoes - which were a "little big" - and his "ridiculous" socks. The 26-year-old actor revealed: "I feel like I'm a clown, I felt like I wasn't going to fall over... and I just had a little bit of vodka backstage." He added: "It’s not a good combination". To which Kimmel replied: "That’s why clowns don’t get drunk".

An 'ASBO cat’ has been terrorising a village in Buckinghamshire, forcing residents to arm themselves against the vicious moggy. The Metro reports that Oscar the tabby has been reported to the police on numerous occasions for attacking dogs and people: he even sent a 77-year-old man to hospital after biting his arm. Villagers have resorted to arming themselves with water pistols in an effort to keep themselves safe while walking around the area. Oscar’s owner Caroline Hughes has had to put him under house arrest and now hopes the use of 'herbal therapy’ will put an end to his aggression.

Brad Pitt has added another career to his CV: the Hollywood actor is now a furniture designer. Pitt has apparently shown an interest in furniture design "since the 1990s" and has been "doodling ideas" for years. His debut collection will be shown in New York later this month. According to the New York Daily News, the first item the actor-turned-designer created was a large bed with a tropical hardwood frame that took nearly two years to make. Pitt’s collaborator, Frank Pollaro, says the prices would be "typically at the highest end of the custom-furnishings scale... even north of that".

The Wanted have revealed they want to fight One Direction - but also have a pint with them. According to the Daily Mirror, the two popular boybands have been sniping at each other for weeks, with One Direction’s Liam Payne mocking the older boyband by saying "if they want a rivalry, let's do it!" But now The Wanted have taken it one step further. Member Max George started by mocking Payne, commenting "she looks beautiful". He added: "Why don’t we just have a boxing match? Pick out of a hat, one each against each and let's do it!" He then hastily added, "and afterwards we’ll go for a pint and be friends".

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Now this is the type of reporting that is BS. I saw that interview and he was nowhere near tipsy. This is the type of reporting where the Pattinson camp needs to see legal counsel. This type of slander needs to stop right now.

Ikr. He said he hade a sip for one thing. And his interviews r always weird. It's part of his charm.