Harry Styles gave Peaches Geldof a fake number

Nov 9, 2012

Tabloid tales: Styles disses Peaches, Guinea pig sets world record, Adele would only lose weight for sex

HARRY STYLES has admitted that when he met Peaches Geldof he gave her a fake number. According to the Daily Mail, the pair met at a "social gathering" and Peaches, who is married to S.C.U.M band member Tom Cohen, asked if she could have the teen heartthrob's number so they could "meet up again". However, Styles has recently revealed he handed over the wrong number. Harry teased: "She must hate me. If she's reading this, say hello next time you see me, Peaches. I might give you the right number."

Truffles the guinea pig was told his best days were behind him, but now the four-year-old rodent has defied critics by setting the world record for the longest jump ever for a member of his species. Truffles originally set the record earlier this year: by leaping 30cm between two shoe boxes. However, according to the Metro, since then more than 25 guinea pigs have surpassed him and one rival pet even reached 45cm. Angela Macari, whose daughter owns Truffles, said: "He got back in training and we eventually managed to get him jumping 48cm on video camera – it's fantastic. Truffles is starting to age now though, he's four years old, so he's in retirement."

Courier Rudi Saldia is a real-life Postman Pat: while out on his deliveries he is accompanied by his cat, MJ. Much like Postman Pat's cat, Jess, MJ is with Saldia wherever he goes, but unlike the fictional postman Saldia travels on a bike – and MJ perches on his shoulder. The Daily Mail reports that the 25-year-old bike courier and his six-month-old kitten deliver parcels all across their home town of Philadelphia and hope to be able to go on 100-mile long rides within a year. According to Saldia, MJ enjoys the journeys, particularly "the wind rushing through her fur" and "moving from shoulder to shoulder".

Adele has defended herself against critics of her weight and declared that she would only ever diet if her size stopped her from having sex. According to the Sun, the 24-year-old singer is happy with her weight and tries to ignore rude comments made about her figure on the internet. Adele admitted: "I read a comment on YouTube that I thought would upset me - ‘Test pilot for pies' - but I've always been fine with it." The new mum added that she would only consider losing weight if it "affected my health or sex life, which it doesn't".

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