Paris Hilton sparks outrage as she opens shop in Mecca

Nov 20, 2012

Tabloid tales: Paris's shop 'insults Mecca', deer robs men for cigarettes, man streaks on Rihanna's tour jet

PARIS HILTON has sparked outrage by opening a handbags and accessories store in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. The socialite and star of an infamous sex tape announced the opening of the Paris Hilton shop at the Islamic holy site via Twitter, saying: "Loving my new store that just opened at Mecca Mall in Saudi Arabia!" Many were quick to voice their anger, stating that the shop is "insulting Mecca" and an "affront" to Islam. According to the New York Daily News, Paris seems unconcerned, later tweeting: "This is the 5th store in Saudi Arabia... So proud to keep growing my brand!"

Two deer hunters had the tables turned on them when they were attacked by a wild deer who wanted to steal their cigarettes. According to the Daily Mail, Joseph Rose and Cole Kellis were leaving their house in Texas when they were charged by a deer waiting outside. Rose said they immediately fled to their pick-up truck, but "the deer climbed up into the truck cab... and got my pack of cigarettes and started chewing on them". The men tried to retrieve the cigarettes but the deer overpowered them. Eventually the local police came to rescue the pair.

Rihanna's flight from Berlin to London on her 777 tour "descended into madness" as an Australian journalist streaked through the cabin, according to the Daily Mail. The private jet has been carrying 150 fans, as well as journalists, with the singer as she tours seven countries. However, despite plenty of initial face-time with Rihanna, the pop star has recently refused to interact with the group. Passengers were reportedly left cooped up, eating "random food" that consisted of "a strange amount of lox and coleslaw", and eventually "descended into anarchy". In hopes of ending the crisis, an Australian journalist ran through the cabin naked while shrieking "just one quote!"

Kristen Stewart will star in the sequel to Snow White and the Huntsman, but Rupert Sanders will not return to direct. Earlier this year Stewart, who was dating Twilight co-star Robert Pattinson at the time, was caught kissing the married father of two, who she met on the set of Snow White. After the scandal broke it was rumoured Stewart had been dropped from the sequel, but according to the Metro, she is now set to appear in the film. However, Universal is on the hunt for a new director after Rupert declined to take part, as "he is desperately still trying to save his marriage".

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Just too disturbing too. RiRi could have fainted had it been not in the cabin of a plane.

"The men tried to retrieve the cigarettes but the deer overpowered them
Is it April the 1st in the Arabic Calendar?

I heard she nearly had a stroke!

I didn't see anything wrong to open the store in Saudi Arabia. During the late 1970's I was in London. While I was walking around in the most luxury store Harrod's, I saw many hand bags that I really like, Vuitton, Gucci, etc. but I can't afford it because in those days there were only American Express and Visa credit cards only for the rich one, I didn't have it. By the same token, I always able to buy the fake brands from Hong Kong. Then anytime that I was there, the Arab women walked in with viel covered their faces, some viels had strips of diamonds on. These Arab women just walked straight to the department and pointed her finger at any handbags that they like, pulled out cash in English currency and buy it in a minute, thousands of pounds been spent, I am so jealous and amazed.
Then one day I met one of my friend, she was a Muslim, now she was one of the woman of a rich shiek's harem in Kuwait. Holy smokey, she bought everything she wanted and we went to the top of the store and having lunch.
Her shiek told me that the Koran said "in the 70's all Muslim would be blessed for obeying Allah, you can see, all Arabian countries we found oils and we are rich." Then he bragged that he had 21 women in his harem from all over the world, British, American, Italian, etc.
In conclusion, I may dislike Paris but for the business sense, she is all right, quite smart. And most of these Arabian rich, they pay cash, so Paris won't have to give credit card companies 3%.

For the uninitiated , Lox is the Jewish name for smoked salmon.